Transform An Old House to Look New : Simple DIY Ideas

It may be time for some upgrades if you purchased an older property due to a lack of finance or if you bought your home years ago and it is showing signs of damage. Whether your cabinets need to be repainted or your ceilings need to be replaced, a few simple changes may revive your home.

Also, the upgrade process does not have to be expensive. There are certain simple DIY jobs that will cost less than paying a contractor to complete them. They’re also enjoyable to undertake on your own or as a family effort.

The following are some simple and entertaining DIY methods to help you make your home appear brand new again.

Clean Everything

After you’ve planned your decorating, the first thing you need to do is give your house a thorough cleaning. There are certainly several areas in your home that you don’t pay much attention to, no matter how much time you spend cleaning and maintaining it each week.

Give everything a good clean; you’ll be glad you did once you start decorating, and even a simple tidy-up may make your home feel brand new.

Clean or Replace Carpets and Rugs

If your home is carpeted entirely, you should tidy it up by replacing it or having it professionally cleaned. Of course, having it professionally cleaned will be far less expensive, so if you’re decorating on a budget, this is the way to go.

The same thing goes if you have wood floors and have been using a rug as protection. You never know what sort of mites and bugs have been living in your rugs and roaming around your home, so it would be best to hire a pest and tick control professional to ensure that all parts of your home are clean and insect-free.

Paint Everything White

You might be wary of the white-on-white trend by now, but it’s not going anywhere when it comes to making an old house look new. The simplest, cheapest, and most practical approach to disguise imperfections and uneven walls is to paint the walls, trim, and ceiling all one color.

Update Your Old Outlets

While this may appear to be a small detail, it can make an old house feel brand new again. It’s also a low-cost approach to improve your property.

Due to updates over the years, many homes have various light switches, outlets, and plates. They may appear yellowed and ancient, or they may be painted on or cracked. This is a simple makeover that will brighten up a dreary home and make it feel new.

Replace Old Furniture

If your old furniture isn’t up to standard in your freshly renovated home, you might want to consider investing in some new items. If buying new is out of the question, consider buying used or getting creative and refurbishing your old furniture with paint or a wood stain.

Replace or Update Old Curtains

If you’re still using the old curtains, it’s time to replace them. Because they’re on show all day, it’s critical to get this aspect right every day. If the curtain rods are also out of date, you might want to replace them.

Highlight Doors and Other Features

Many old houses have beautiful doors and characteristics, such as decorative cornices found in newer homes. Cornices are artistic plaster pieces that conceal the wall-to-ceiling joint. Painting these components of your home in a distinct color scheme is a terrific way to draw attention to them.

To make your external doors stand out, paint them a bright color. You can also use glossy paint to help your cornices stand out against the white-on-white backdrop. Paint your internal doors a cool grey or other neutral colors to compliment them.

Add Mirrors

Cover the finish of your antique furniture with affordable acrylic mirror material if the finish is making the room feel dated. If your dresser is dull, now is the time to cover it in mirrors for a high-end effect.

Replace Your Backsplash

Updating the backsplash in your kitchen may make a huge difference. There isn’t much else that can be done to improve the atmosphere. Older homes have outdated backsplashes, which make everything look obsolete. They could also be chipped, and the color may no longer be vibrant. If this stage isn’t in your budget, replace it with new paneling, tiles, or paint over existing tiles.

Install Shelving

Space can be spruced up by adding a few “airy” shelf units here and there. You’ll also have more room to showcase your collectibles and souvenirs.

Install New Light Fixtures

Instead of removing antique light fixtures, you might be able to revive them with a new coat of paint. You may be able to paint the fixtures without replacing them.


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