Diet Planning Tips That Will Help You Slim Down This 2021

Make Weight Loss All About The Journey Not The Destination

Everyone welcomed 2021 with open arms. Just the idea of meeting people in normal places, going to the cinema, or even dressing out of the pajamas was enough to practically make you shake with delight. It also meant one thing i.e. time for redemption for all the time from 2020 to 2021 that everyone stayed home and ate and ate and ate. You devoured everything you laid your eyes on. Now as you are ready to go back to normal and slim down. But where do you even start? 

Transformation takes place when you let go of your unhealthy habits and start having a healthy approach towards your lifestyle. It is not about going on a crash diet to lose pounds only to go back to it after a few months when you are under stress. It is a lifestyle that you should choose, to be healthier, slimmer, and happier not just for now but forever. This will help you to enjoy your journey during weight loss and also allow you to maintain that lifestyle. The below diet planning tips can help you to get started. 

Write It Down

Ever wondered why you feel so secure when you have a written job agreement, rental contract, and so on? Well, that is because when we write something down it becomes more literal. Start with writing a journal about your weight loss journey. No, we don’t mean that now you have to incorporate ‘Dear Diary’ moments every day. It merely means to write down and check all organic and healthy meals that you should eat and what you have already eaten. This should include all your meals like breakfast, snacks, main meals, and even those late-night cravings. You will get a better insight into your habits. This will help you to understand if your eating habits actually revolve around you being healthy or merely bored.

Bid Adieu To Junk

It had to be said and done. Horrible as it may sound, everyone who is planning to lose weight and embrace a healthy lifestyle will have to part ways with that one comforting friend who is actually an enemy in disguise, that is junk food. This rule doesn’t only apply for people who want to lose weight but practically everyone. The number of calories you are consuming in the small Mcburgers is astounding. This also does not mean that you chew on carrot sticks and iceberg lettuce all the time. There are many amazing recipes you can cook at home with some fresh vegetables, meats, and sauce. All it needs is a little creativity. Switch those nasty processed and fat-filled snacks with healthier ones. Some of these switches won’t even affect your palette of taste like switching from regular yogurt to Greek yogurt. Remember, when they are out of sight, eventually, they will be out of your mind too. 

Move That Body

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One of the most common tactics people try to use when the Eureka moment arrives during the new year’s resolution day is to plan to hit the gym. The experience of buying gym clothes, getting a membership, packing your duffle bag, and trotting into the gym all seems fine. So where does it go wrong? Well, eventually you realize you do not enjoy it and get bored easily.  Imagine running on the treadmill for 60 minutes and not actually even getting anywhere. Slowly, you reduce your gym days until you are paying the monthly membership but remain as a ghost for the gym staff. When you promise yourself something like weight loss, then lay out a plan on how you will go through it. Start looking for activities that can help you lose weight and that you can enjoy for a long time. This could be aerobics, cycling, or even a combination of a few activities. When you enjoy the freshness of different activities you are more likely to look forward to it than endure it.

Get Good Sleep

Most people would proudly state that they can sleep up to 12 hours straight. That does not mean that the sleep they get is of good quality. Sleeping off for hours at an end to cure a hangover, is not bringing any benefits. For your weight loss journey and overall happiness factor, it is vital to know that bad sleep will have a very negative impact on your body. When your sleep is abnormal, then your body produces a hormone called Ghrelin. This ghrelin is an evil hormone that manipulates your brain to think that you are hungry and need food immediately. This will explain those out-of-the-blue late-night cravings when you absolutely must eat that whole chocolate cake. However, ghrelin has its weakness and you can beat it by setting a routine for your bedtime. Try to follow some destressing breathing techniques before you go to bed. Make sure your bedroom is comfortable and has the right environment that promotes your sleep. Eating sweets or any other foods that are hard to digest means that your body will be working hard while you sleep. This could awaken ghrelin and you do not want that. Have a gentle dinner and do something soothing right before you sleep. 

Be A Masterchef

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There are so many nutritional plans that you can follow. You do not need to be stuck with one type of food. You can try out different types of recipes and cuisines. When you do end up craving something, you will easily be able to whip out a nice home-cooked meal to satisfy yourself. Saves money as well as ensures that you are eating healthy. For example, if you feel a craving for Italian or Spanish food, try making some Mediterranean-style diet foods. These contain healthy fats like avocado, dense vegetables that can keep you full for long and whole grains. This will help you to maintain your lifestyle with the right eating habits. 

It all starts with a promise that you have to make to yourself. A promise that starting now you will care for yourself and be grateful to your body. A promise that you will give yourself everything that helps you to be healthier, slimmer, and happier.


Written by Alex Smith

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