The Newest Engagement Gem, Moissanite

If you have a proposal coming up and you’re not too worried about traditions surrounding engagement rings, here is a great option for you to look at. Ever heard of moissanite engagement rings? Here are some reasons why this mysterious stone is something to consider. We are going to weigh up how moissanite compares to diamonds, what the actual differences between the two are, and how to choose the right cut. In many ways, moissanite and diamonds are similar, but with slight differences that will be explained below.

Modern or traditional? 

When deciding between types of engagement rings, moissanite engagement rings and diamond rings are the main contenders. Many women, even those with a modern outlook on life, often have a deep sense of tradition when it comes to opting for any other stone than a diamond. But if you are willing to take a look outside the box, you will find that moissanite is becoming a better option for a growing number of buyers, and for great reason: the gem is unique and new, surpassing the expectations of scores of people daily. 

When moissanites were first discovered, they were mistaken for diamonds because of the extraordinary similarity. Later, after giving the gem a bit of time to settle into the commercial sphere, it became clear that moissanite can be the start of something new for jewellery lovers. Moissanite isn’t easily found in its natural state, which is silicon carbide. It is even more scarce than diamonds, and for this reason, most moissanite is created in laboratories, which is comparatively easily done. 

Any design you can dream of

The fact that these gems can be synthetically created, opens many doors to those who like to evolve with the times. Getting your dream ring isn’t far-fetched anymore – it can now be as easy as submitting your request and receiving what you’ve always wanted, with some extra cash left over for the honeymoon. Moissanite is considered one of the world’s most precious discoveries and has grown more popular over time in many places. If you’ve done even the smallest bit of research into moissanite, you will know that the “fire” is one of its most attractive features. The more space in the gem’s structure, the more visible light or “fire” it is able to reflect. This is why paying attention to the cut is important.

It’s a jewel in its own right 

Even though most people are unable to see any difference between a moissanite and diamond, there are scientifically proven and significant variances. Don’t start your journey with moissanite expecting to buy a diamond because it isn’t a diamond. It’s not even a replica – it is a similar-looking stone, but not related at all. Having a moissanite with its incredible ability to harness “fire”, is something you won’t regret. It’s remarkably beautiful and can be adjusted and polished to meet your taste.

We know by now that moissanite rings shine brighter and have better and brighter colouring than those containing diamonds. The patterns and edges are, frankly, stunning. Start looking at designs for your ring and create something that will be personal and unique. 

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