Tips for Mum’s Who Work Online

This is a growing breed of digital super-mums who single-handedly bring home the bacon and raise a family; admittedly their partner is also part of the team. If you are about to switch from working in the office to doing your stuff at home and sending it in via email, here are a few tips from the veteran super-mums.

  • Online Calendars – As you will never be more than a few feet from your digital device, you can take advantage of the free online business calendars and they have some powerful features – notifications for project deadlines, online meeting reminders and it will even tell you when to pay your utilities!
  • Free Stuff – As you are going to be spending at least half your day in front of your laptop screen, you might as well spend some time looking for freebies (they are out there). If you are the breadwinner or a single mum, there are online UK firms that offer free Wills that are legal in the UK and it won’t cost you a penny (There are no catches, we checked). Store all your digital data on a free data storage provider (Google, Microsoft), plus take a look at the many free business apps that are available.
  • Time Management – This is the key to being able to keep everything in balance and your worktime would obviously be when the kids are in bed. There’s a fine line between being super-productive and a complete burnout; you need your sleep, daily exercise and a balanced diet if you are to achieve the impossible. Click here for info on how to become a professional blogger.
  • Create an Online Calendar – You can incorporate business with domestic stuff (colour codes) and set up notifications, which will ensure that nothing is overlooked. There are free providers of online calendars that are great for effective time management, which will help you through your busy schedule.
  • Streamline Processes – You may not know that there are fantastic speech dictation apps, which means you no longer have to type those long reports and if you happen to be a writer, this is a very powerful tool indeed. Set up digital banking and have all your monthly utilities running on automatic and check out the many mobile apps on Play Store that can help you with many aspects of home and business management.
  • Outsource to your Partner – Eaven if your partner is working full time, there are quite a few things they can do to help you; picking the kids up or taking them to school, grabbing those last-minute items for that evening’s meal and running other errands. Every successful relationship involves give and take and if you are a single mum, seek assistance from good friends. Who are always willing to help.

At the end of every month, sit down for a few minutes and review the previous few weeks, making note of anything that needs improvement and with a constant review, you can work on weak areas. If those around you recognise your worth, this is a great motivator and if they don’t seem to realise how much you deal with, you can be a silent hero!

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