5 Buying Picture Frames Online – Everything You Need to Consider

Photos are a timeless gift. A moment captured in still but filled with fond memories; you can’t go wrong! No matter the occasion, photos presented in any form make the ideal gift. What’s more, photos make an ideal centrepiece and decoration in the home. 

With many opting to redecorate their homes throughout the pandemic, there is no doubt that photos were used in many of these redecoration plans. There are several ways to display pictures in your home; students in university halls stick them directly on their walls, whereas older professionals might opt for an arrangement of photo frames. The opportunities are endless!

While that is very well the case, picture frames are favoured by many and come in many shapes and sizes. At the same time, it can be challenging to know what you need to consider when buying said picture frames, particularly if you are buying them online rather than in person. 

Suppose you are in this position yourself. You might be asking yourself a multitude of questions and not come to any conclusions. Well, you have found yourself in the right place at the right time. Detailed here is everything you need to consider when buying picture frames online. 

What Is Going In the Frame?

It goes without saying, but when finding the right decoration for your home, you need to consider other elements of your plans too. In reference to finding the right picture frame, you should consider the photo that will be going into the frame itself. 

Assess the size of the photo and whether you want the frame to sit exactly on the edges of the picture or would prefer for there to be a gap of some sort. From here, you can establish other things relating to the photo frame itself. 

Naturally, you want the picture frame you are choosing to fit with the existing décor in your home while also accommodating any changes that you might make. It can be challenging to find the right picture frame that meets these needs, but this takes us to the following section. 

What Size and Colour Frame Do You Want? 

On the back of the previous point, once you know what picture you want to be framed, you can begin the often-time-consuming process of narrowing down your options and finding the right one for you. There are so many different shapes, sizes, and colours of picture frames out there; we recognise this can be the most challenging part when buying picture frames online. Stress not, for there is help available!

While nothing stops you from buying ready-made picture frames online, you also have the opportunity to explore custom made picture frames too. Made to measure picture frames open up a myriad of options for you and allow you to tailor your picture frame to your unique situation. You can rest assured that the photo frame which you purchase will not only fit the picture perfectly but fit into the rest of your home’s décor as well. 

While the frame itself is important, the size and colour of the frame are not the only elements that you need to consider. Blending into the style of your home is critical, but you should also think about where in your home the frame will be fitted. This takes us to the following section. 

Where In The Home Is The Frame Going?

This might not be all that important to some people reading this, but we felt it was worth a mention all the same. Knowing where in the home your picture frame is going will also make the decision-making process easier. While it is easy to distinguish what room you wish to hang your picture frame in, other elements need to be considered. 

Choosing a safe place to hang your picture frame, where it is not going to fall, is paramount to the safety of you and others around you. Particularly if you intend to hang picture frames in bedrooms, make an effort to move them away from the head of the bed and to a safer place. What’s more, you should make sure the wall in which you are hanging the picture frame is built to withstand this excess weight; the last thing you want is for the wall to become damaged in any way. 

What is the Turnaround?

While delivery times for some are not that important, you might have a strict time frame by which you need your picture frame. With the UK currently experiencing severe supply chain issues, this is undoubtedly something worth taking into account. 

At the same time, it is always worth placing an order early when buying picture frames online to avoid disappointment. Particularly if you are purchasing a frame that is custom made, you want to give yourself as much time as possible before completion. 

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