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With less than one hundred days to Christmas to go even the typically underprepared start to glance an eye toward the big day. This year more so than ever as rumours have already been circling about potential shortages on the shelves. Leaving it last minute isn’t really an option this year, so get on top of it early and start making lists of who wants what and working your way through it so you are not left caught short leading up to Christmas. If you are stuck for inspiration for the men in your life, whether they are your partner, your father, your son or uncle here is some inspiration for what to gift them for Christmas or any occasion. 

Gift boxes

There are a plethora of websites available that offer a wide variety of gift boxes that are tailored to certain interests. So instead of buying lots of smaller items in their field of interest let someone else do the sourcing for you and put them together in a nice gift box. Boxes can be filled with items related to sport and nutrition, savoury nuts and snacks, beers and wines, healthy and fitness supplements. There is a gift box for almost anything and any hobby and these can make a great thoughtful gift without all the leg work.

That said, if you cannot find a gift box to suit then you could take inspiration from these sites  and put together your own box. Buy a few items that you know they will love. Choose a nice gift box to place them in and pad it out with some shredded tissue paper and voila you have yourself a personalised gift box. 

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Statement Tees, oversized jackets and big and bold trainers are all in this season. Keep their look up to date with the latest piece from Vetements for Men or their favourite high street store. Perhaps they have an occasion or holiday coming up, tie this in nicely with their gift and buy the clothing with that in mind. Perhaps they have been talking about a certain coat or pair of shoes for a while, take the liberty and go ahead and buy it for them. Men’s fashion is huge and more and more men want to keep up with the trends du jour so buying a fashion item can be a great gift, just be sure to get a gift receipt in case you get the sizing wrong. 


As headphones no longer come with new smartphones as standard you are left seeking out your own pair of headphones, should you want to use them with your smartphone, or any device. Bluetooth headphones are the most popular choice as they don’t require irritating wires that tangle. The latest Apple Airpods Pro benefits from noise cancellation, customisable fit and extended battery life. You can also personalise the gift and have them engraved. Alternatively, if the man in question is an avid runner but in need of some decent headphones consider the latest technology of bone conductor headphones. These don’t actually sit in the ear rather just outside. They are so famed by runners as they offer great sound quality but also the ability to hear their surroundings such as the roads around them, which is perfect when running. 

Nose ear and eyebrow trimmer

Men are increasingly aware of their appearance and are happy to keep on top of it, especially those unsightly hairs sprouting from their noses and ears. Whether it is done in the barbers or at home no amount of facial creams can tidy up overgrown nose, ear or eyebrow hairs. There are some great small, sleek and portable trimmers that can be tucked away in the bathroom cabinet and taken anywhere they go with them, all the while doing the perfect job of keeping on top of those strays. 

Exercise equipment

Whether the man you are buying for is a gym junkie or prefers a home workout there is exercise equipment out there for everyone. It may be that they tried, and failed, to get a new set of dumbbells during the lockdown, they wouldn’t be the only ones but the good news is they are back on the virtual shelves. Perhaps they would rather supplements to aid their workouts and recovery. If that is the case, consider buying a protein powder or pre-workout. Alternatively, are their gym clothes in need of an upgrade? Or maybe they are keen hikers, if so why not buy some of the latest hiking tech, new bag, socks or outerwear. Something that shows you know what their hobbies are, you take an interest and actively support them, even if you don’t join them in it.

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A man bag

There is a reason that bags are such big business when it comes to female fashion and the men are starting to get in on the action, and not just for the fashion. Realising that a bag has man practical benefits more and more men are opting for a trusty man bag. It may be that a vintage weekend bag is just what they need, a new work bag or just a mini day bag to keep their oversized phones in. There are large ranges of bags for men available so perhaps buy them something they might not ordinarily think to buy themselves and upgrade their man bag. 

Charging stand

With just about every device needing to be charged houses have wires coming out of every socket. Phones, tablets, watches, headphones everything that is used daily needs juice, almost daily. Even cars are starting to jump on the bandwagon. Anyway to free up some space on their bedside table or their desk buy a charging stand. Stands are available in different formats, some accommodate multiple devices, such as watches, phones and headphones and some are simply a matt that you place your device on and it charges. Take a good look around, think about how many devices need charging and how often and opt for the most practical and beneficial for them, and their devices.

 While on the subject of chargers portable chargers are another great gift that allow for flailing devices to be charged on the go. Another 2021 gift that keeps on giving. 

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