Here’s How You Can Brighten Up Your Bedroom on a Budget

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Your bedroom is your personal and private space in your home and offers you sanctuary from the world around you and other people in your household. You undoubtedly spend several hours each night in your bedroom, so it should be comfortable and stylish.

If you find that your bedroom doesn’t particularly appeal to your tastes anymore, you might be wondering how you can transform it without spending a fortune in the process. Take a look at the following ideas to learn how you can brighten up your bedroom on a budget:

Buy a Floor-Standing Light

Sometimes you want a light that isn’t as strong as the one on your ceiling but isn’t as soft as the one on your bedside cabinets. The answer might be to look at floor-standing pendant lights.

You could buy one and place it in one corner of your bedroom, and it can create the right ambience. Another idea might be to put it near to your dressing table; the possibilities are endless.

Floor-standing lights are inexpensive, and you can even pick one up for free if you happen to be looking at the right place at the right time!

Paint Your Bedroom Walls a Bold Colour

Another affordable way to breathe new life into an otherwise lacklustre bedroom is by painting your bedroom walls a bold colour. Which one you choose is down to your personal taste, of course, but it should be one that makes your bedroom feel more vibrant.

If you’d rather not paint all your walls a bright or bold colour, you could always pick just one wall for the colour change. That wall can then become your bedroom’s focal point, plus you wouldn’t need to purchase a lot of paint as you might for doing all the walls.

Upgrade Your Headboard

Do you have a standard run of the mill headboard on your bed? If so, another affordable way to inject new life into your bedroom is by replacing the headboard with something more unique and vibrant, something that makes a statement and grabs your attention.

You can get headboards in an array of different colours, styles, and manufactured from different materials. It’s worth checking out a website like Pinterest for some style inspiration if you’d like to change your headboard.

For example, you might prefer to replace your wooden headboard with one finished in velvet and in a bright orange or candy red colour.

Add Some Greenery

Lastly, there’s no denying that plants brighten up any home. You might assume that indoor plants would typically live in a person’s kitchen or living room. But, they work well in any room, from bathrooms to bedrooms!

Houseplants don’t cost much to buy; alternatively, you could grow some from seeds for maximum savings. There are many different types of houseplants you could have in your bedroom, so the ones you choose will be down to your personal preferences.

Just remember to water them and open your curtains each morning so they can have some sunlight!


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