5 home trends that are in demand this autumn

There’s little doubt that a lot of us have spent a lot more time in our homes over the last 18 months. As we move through Autumn and into Winter, this additional time in our properties is having an impact on how we want our homes to look. Danny Luke from property buying company Quick Move Now tells us what buyers are looking for as we head towards the end of 2021.

Nature-inspired décor

Daily walks were a lifeline for many during lockdown, and it certainly seems to have helped people to appreciate the impact that plants and nature can have on their mental health and outlook. As a result, we’ve seen a huge rise in nature-themed interior design. House plants, which just few years ago were seen as ‘retro’, are now a feature in stylish homes up and down the country, and it doesn’t look like the trend is going anywhere this Autumn/Winter. 

Home office potential

The home working trend looks set to stay, so home office potential is a big draw for home buyers. Whether that’s a whole spare room, or an area that can be sectioned off with a room divider, a place to separate your working life from your home life is a big trend this season.

Reading corner

During the covid-induced national lockdowns, many people found they appreciated the slower pace of life. Once everyone had watched a few TV series back-to-back, people started picking up other hobbies. Some baked sourdough, some took up gardening, and others rediscovered their love of a good book. 

Many people have remained keen to maintain their new-found hobbies and, as such, reading corners have become a major interior trend this year.

Cosy comfort and layering

As we move towards Winter, cosy layering is a big trend. Blankets and cushions always become more popular at this time of year, as people bid to create a snug and cosy home to see in the dark Winter evenings, but this year they’re even more popular.

Bold coloured soft furnishings

When it comes to soft furnishings, neutrals are out and bold colours are in. Homeowners are being more brave with their choice of interiors and that is reflected in the colour of both furniture and accessories.


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