5 Totally Doable Self-Care Tips For Very Busy Moms


Moms deserve a break too, and self-care is a perfect way to boost self-esteem and get some proper rest and relaxation. However, motherhood means being busy for most of the day, which is why many moms feel like they don’t have enough time to enjoy some time off. Self-care is important as it helps you reconnect with yourself while enjoying some well-earned peace and fun. So if you’re a busy mom who wants to take a break, then here are some doable self-care tips that you might consider. 

1. Skincare is a wonderful idea 

If having a skincare routine seems like too much work and commitment, then you can utilize skincare as a self-care concept. How? Well, next time you have some free time (preferably in the evening), wash your face and treat yourself to a nourishing face mask. You can opt for sheet masks, or make your own using ingredients in your kitchen, such as bananas or eggs, for example. 

2. Read your favorite book

Reading is a form of self-care, especially when you read something enjoyable and uplifting. Luckily, nowadays, it’s possible to enjoy your fave books through e-readers or smartphones, which means you can read more easily. There are many books to choose from, as long as you stick to your tastes without the fear of being judged. If you’re not much of a reader, there are many apps that offer stories in form of chat, which makes following the plot more fun. Also, watching some movie/TV adaptations is also a great way to consume new stories, if you find reading too time-consuming.

3. Get some time off during “those days”

When you’re a mom, you don’t get to experience your period in the same way as when you’re single and with no kids. Simply, children require constant care and attention, regardless of how you feel during the period. But, you should still be allowed to take some time off, even if it’s only for one afternoon. Therefore, if you have turbulent periods, make sure to relax, lie down and possibly take some pain killers to relieve pain and bloating. Also, using sustainable period products is a great way to make your periods more hassle-free. 

So next time you get your period, make sure to take some time off to relax and feel better. 

4. Do things for yourself only 

Being a mom requires a lot of self-sacrifices, which is why many moms tend to forego their own needs, in favor of their kids’. That’s why it’s essential to do things for yourself, and yourself only. Whether it’s a manicure appointment, a coffee with friends, or a mini reasonable shopping spree, keep in mind that you’re allowed to have fun without focusing solely on your kids. There is this outdated belief that mothers shouldn’t have fun or focus on themselves, so if you’ve been raised to believe that, unlearning such beliefs will help you become a happier and more fulfilled mother. 

5. Move your body 

Running after kids, and spending time with them is a form of exercise, especially when you have a toddler. But, physical activities are important regardless of whether you have children or not. So, if you’re in the mood for some workouts, you don’t have to go to the gym only: you can also work out from the comfort of your home. Besides, you can always play some of your favorite tunes and dance, this is also great stress relief, and you can include your little ones!


Mothers deserve to have fun and rest, too, and these tips are a perfect way to introduce more self-care into your day-to-day routine. Remember that you’re allowed to enjoy things that bring you joy and comfort, as long as your kids are happy and well cared for. 

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