Preparing for the big move – a handy checklist

Moving across country is stressful at the best of times. Packing, unpacking, deciding what to take and what to sell, and hiring removal companies all takes time and effort. And this is before you even set off on your travels! 

But the good news is that with the right preparation and online moving quotes, you can reduce stress to a bare minimum. 

This article gives you some tips to help with your cross country move. 

Carry out a deep clean

Cross country moving companies are flexible with their timings. Try to plan it so that you arrive ahead of your movers so that you can give your new home a full clean before they get there. 

Take all your cleaning equipment with you to avoid having to waste time buying it when you arrive. Alternatively, hire a professional cleaning firm. Although it makes your moving cost calculator a little more expensive, it is sure to take the stress out of it for you if budget permits. This way you can have some space to work with before all your boxes and furniture arrive.

Do your admin homework

Next, organize your utilities. This avoids any slip ups if water, electricity, or heat supplies have not been continued or re-connected. 

When you do this, also take the time to setup mail forwarding. This ensures that important mail such as correspondence from your bank, health insurance and other sensitive personal information will still be delivered directly to you. 

Don’t overlook the security

When you move home, it is also a good opportunity to think about your home security. If you are new to the neighborhood, there is a chance that burglars may know that too and test for vulnerabilities. 

Ideally you should look to have a home security system fitted before you move in, but if not then look to get it booked for the day you arrive. 

It is also sensible to get the locks changed on all your doors – after all you have no idea who may have replica keys for the existing locks. This is one of the most basic security provisions you can make. 

Know where you want everything

Before you leave, label all your boxes and furniture so that your movers know where to put everything. Then label each door accordingly (bedroom 1, bedroom 2, etc. so that the movers can put things where you need them. 

This avoids trying to move things around later without the help of the professional movers. Then let the movers know a floorplan so they can organize things accordingly – even a rough sketch is helpful if you do not have a formal diagram. 

Planning the day of arrival

Your new home will be a little chaotic during move in-day, there is simply no avoiding this. Try to have at least two people to assist on the day. Checking your inventory off with the movers is vital. 

The other person can work with the movers to ensure the items, especially the big ones, are placed appropriately.

Also consider a babysitter or relative for children and any pets. 


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