Bedroom Blues? Five Easy Bedroom Make-Over Ideas

At the end of a busy day, our bedroom is the place we retreat to so we can unwind, and since scientists claim we spend one-third of our entire lives sleeping or attempting to sleep, it makes sense that you’d want a bedroom that promotes a good night’s rest. However, for some reason, the bedroom always seems to get overlooked when people consider redesigning their home. Maybe it’s because it’s not the first room you see when you enter your house, or where you would host a dinner party with family and friends. 

Whatever the reason, the bedroom is usually home to the hand-me-down fitted wardrobe you inherited from your parents or where the old furniture from your university student accommodation winds up. Regardless of your dream aesthetic, your bedroom should be a place that you love to spend time and be a relaxing retreat from the pace of the day. With this in mind, we’ve made a list of five easy bedroom makeover ideas to help you redesign your space and create a relaxing yet stylish bedroom.

Move Furniture Around

One easy way to give your bedroom a make-over is by changing its layout, and the best part about this method is that it’s free! With very little time and energy, you can give your bedroom a whole new look simply by changing the location of your furniture. While you’re moving furniture around, we recommend taking time to consider the items in your space and getting rid of or donating some of the unnecessary pieces. Getting rid of excess furniture pieces can help to open up the room and make it feel airier. If you don’t fancy going through the hassle of re-arranging the whole of your bedroom, you could start with changing the direction of your bed or chest of drawers; you might find that it can make all the difference.

Switch up Your Bedding and Pillows 

The first thing that is noticed when you walk into a bedroom is the bed, and as the focal point, you want to make it look as inviting as possible. You can achieve this by making a few small changes to the throw pillows or your bedding, and it can be one of the most effective small changes you can make. The beauty of bedding is that you can choose from hundreds of patterns and colours; you could choose classic white bedding, which is a tried-and-true favourite and works throughout all the seasons, or go for a bright, whimsical pattern. You could always add more by layering blankets and pillows, or if you’d like some inspiration, check out this style guide for some more ideas.

Consider Storage Space

As one of the most relaxing areas of your home, you want to make sure that your bedroom is inviting after a long, stressful day and not full of distracting clutter. Adequate storage should be utilised where possible to keep unsightly items or last season’s shoes, and clothes tucked away. To minimise miscellaneous items from piling up, you could consider using organisational tools such as closet organizers, fabric storage bins, and nesting baskets. Another alternative could be a new, fitted wardrobe, which offers lots of space for clothes and other items that you wish to keep hidden. If the latter option interests you, take a look at the bespoke range of products from Bravo London, as they cater to a variety of different styles and sizes bound to suit your wardrobe needs.

Decorate Your Wall Space

Another simple way to revamp your bedroom is by decorating your walls. You can achieve this by adding paint, wallpaper, and hanging art or photos, all of which can immediately impact your space and help add personality. You could use paint to create an accent wall, or you could sand down an old dresser or another piece of old furniture and paint it a fun, bright colour, so it gets a new lease of life. Alternatively, you could create a gallery wall filled with Polaroids of you and your friends, that you can keep adding to or framing a piece of artwork by a local artist. If you don’t have much floor space, you could also consider adding shelving to your walls, a great, affordable way to display and store items.

Decorate Your Floor Space 

Similar to switching up your bedding, adding or upgrading your current rug can significantly impact your space and is a great way to make your bedroom cosy. Rugs are a fantastic way to style your room, and like art, they allow you to express your personality. Consider adding a thick shag rug or an eye-catching patterned one, plus don’t be afraid to layer a few together to give your space a comforting and relaxed feel.

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