Dressing Tips For The Big, Bold, And Beautiful

Every woman should feel confident and beautiful in their own skin without having to conceal their body behind some boring loose clothes. Plus-size women are big, bold, and beautiful and there are lots of ways, for them to show their bodies off in the best light. 

Stock your Shapewear Arsenal

The right shapewear provides a bit of cinching, smoothing, support, and shaping which you need especially when wearing a form-fitting dress. Shapewear can help smoothen out the crevices and give you a more defined look.

Stock shapewear from trusted brands and always have a few designs for different occasions. You may also want to get them in different colors depending on the women’s plus-size clothing you are wearing.

Get Dresses that Enhance your Shape

Look out for clothes like wrap dresses that accentuate your figure and give your body a defined curve.  If you are wearing something like a shirt dress, pair it with a tummy belt or any other accessory in your wardrobe that would produce a more defined look. 

Make neutral-toned outfits and darker shades your best friend. Black dresses make you appear slimmer and darker colors give you loads of room to work with.

When in Doubt, Go with a Pencil Skirt

When combined with a loose top, pencil skirts help to create a balanced look by elongating your figure. The design of the skirt makes it flattering on your curves especially when combined with a belt, fanny pack, among other accessories. 

Embrace your body

No tip is useful if you don’t love your body the way it is. You would always find fault with everything you wear and could make the process of shopping difficult because you believe that you cannot look good in anything.

Learning to love your body along with all your perceived imperfections is the best style advice you can get. Once you learn to love your body, you can wear just about any outfit with ease as well as boost your confidence. Love your belly, tights, arms, and other areas you wish to cover up with loose clothing. By learning to love your body, you open yourself up to more fashion choices.

Shop for your Shape

Everyone has a specific body shape and knowing what it is, can determine the types of clothes that fit you best. There is the apple shape (or an inverted triangle) with the larger upper body and narrow lower body. The waist for someone with an apple shape is not well defined.

There are those with a pear shape with the lower body being the center of attention due to their large hips and thighs. Also, there is the hourglass figure with the upper and lower body being proportionate and a well-defined waist that is smaller than both parts.

The best way to know your body shape is to get yourself measured at a store or do it from the comfort of your home with a measuring tape. Measure your bust, shoulders, waist, and hips and from the results, you can determine your body shape. 

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