How Awnings Can Be A Great Home Addition For You And Your Family

If want to be able to make more of your garden, it’s very possible you are contemplating ways to create a covered, sheltered area for you to use. In Britain especially, we are at the mercy of our famous British weather and searching for ways we can stay one step ahead. 

Awnings are a fantastic way to provide cover and protection from the elements and extend your living space outside. Whether you prefer a traditional look, contemporary style, or need something that is practical, there are a range of options available to choose from. Below we have created a post covering all the reasons to consider this type of outdoor cover for your home, and how being outside can benefit your family lifestyle.

Create Extra Outdoor Space

Adding an awning to your property gives you the opportunity to create additional outdoor space that your whole family can benefit from. If you want somewhere to shelter from the extremes of our weather, but don’t want to compromise on permanently giving up outdoor space, then consider a patio awning that is retractable. Provided by companies like Nationwide Home Innovations, this allows you to quickly create a covered area when you need it, but neatly tuck it away when not in use. 

If you don’t mind a more permanent fixture, and don’t want to worry about having to put the awning away in heavy rain and wind, you could choose a fixed-rain awning. Although this type of awning can’t be retracted- they provide great protection from heavy rain, and are a good option for covering a driveway or covered garden area. You could also consider a freestanding awning, a more versatile option that can be taken down and moved around the garden as and when you need it.

Perfect For Parties

Part of the appeal of awnings is the way in which they create more opportunities to bring people together. They can create a space for hosting parties for younger ones during the day, but also carry through to the evening. You could choose to add soft lighting and heating in your awnings so the adults can also enjoy gathering together come the evening. Whether you’d prefer fixed or freestanding awnings, they both can create the perfect shelter for creating years’ worth of happy memories.

Protect Your Family From Harmful UV Rays

As a parent or guardian, one of the main concerns you may have about your children spending long periods of time outside is the risk of exposure to harmful UV rays. Although UV rays are something we need to protect ourselves from all year round, during the summer we need extra protection. Whilst it’s tempting to be out enjoying the sun all day on those sunny days – especially considering how few we get in Britain! – we must also remember that it is recommended we spend several hours a day out of direct sunlight. 

The shaded areas created from awnings provide protection from sunburn and UV rays, whilst allowing you to remain outside and enjoy the summer. If you have a South-facing Garden, freestanding awnings are a good option if you need a covered space that can be moved around the garden to follow the sun.


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