It’s a steel: how to give your home a more industrial look

The Industrial Revolution impacted our world in more ways than one. The birth of an industrial style, from the mammoth factories of the 19th century, has taken our nation by storm. 

Unfortunately, we aren’t all lucky enough to live in a converted warehouse or industrialised loft. But, you don’t exactly need these spaces to bring back an industrial look to your home. With the following tips and tricks, you will be able to make your home into an industrial heaven that never goes out of style. 

Shelving with a twist

There’s nothing that screams industrial shelving more than shelving made of solid, reclaimed wood and repurposed steel. Industrial style shelving ‘with a twist’ is best made out of dark oak and burnished metal, all the better to replicate the look of a rugged warehouse or factory. 

If you want to take your industrial shelving to the next level, we recommend wall shelf brackets that can take the brunt of the weight. With the right brackets, your shelving will remain stable and sturdy for a long, long time.

Go back to basics with exposed brick 

One of the most recognisable building materials of the Industrial Age must be fired clay brick. Brick is known for its rough-around-the-edges, durable look. Without an exposed brick wall, are you really embodying the industrial style? While we don’t all have brick concealed behind layers of plaster and drywall, we do have access to brick veneer or wallpaper! If a feature wall isn’t really your style, try adding exposed brick to an entryway or backsplash. 

Storage with a touch of steel

Without storage, our homes would be strewn with mess and clothes. Instead of sticking to the classic, plywood storage cabinets or cupboards – try storage with a touch of steel. Cabinets with steel attachments and handles, made of weathered wood or cinder block, are the perfect additions to an industrial style home. 

Industrial-inspired lighting

Old factories weren’t illuminated with the vast LED bulbs we see today. No, instead they were lit by gorgeous aluminium bulb cages or steel glass shades. Go for an industrial pendant fixture, a statement piece that brings all the industrial charm your home needs: ideally hung over an island, dining table, lounge or hallway. 

Salvaged materials

We’re well aware of the dangers of climate change, and unfortunately the Industrial Revolution contributed greatly to our damaged environment. Appropriate the style, but do better with your own home – recycle salvaged materials as new statement pieces and decoration. Gears, valves, pipes, hardware and other mechanical devices can bring the best of the steampunk, industrial aesthetic into your home. Take these pieces from old factories, scrap yards, even thrift stores nearby. 

Salvaging industrial elements and materials – such as wood or metal – isn’t only authentic, it’s ethical. Protect our planet and design your perfect home, all at once.

And there you have it – five simple yet effective ways that you can give your home a more industrial look. With these design ideas in mind, you will have the knowledge you need to utterly transform your home into an urban oasis.  


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