Mountain Ranges and Lakes of Western U.S.

Every bit of nature in the western U.S. is a beauty to behold in its own right. No matter if you are someone who would hike for days straight along any of the numerous mountain ranges or someone who prefers the quiet serenity rippling waves of a lake bring you, there’s something to love about nature for everyone.

Whatever type of lifestyle you live, the western U.S. has something for every type of person. Especially when the conversation is surrounding nature, there can be a boundless amount of natural beauty found in any direction. 

Lake Mead

Just drive half an hour outside of lucky Las Vegas and you’ll find more beauty than you could have imagined spread over the 1.5 million acre recreation area. A perfect spot for watersports and fishing alike. Another fascinating sight to see is the Hoover Dam itself which is what formed Lake Mead as we know it today.

Fascinating to learn, the dam allows for enough hydroelectric power to serve 1.3 million people each year and provides water for multiple large metropolitan areas.

Santa Cruz Mountains

Found within central and northern California and part of the Pacific Coast Range, these mountains offer endless ways to experience nature in the way that’s best for you. Having a relationship with nature is important for us all and cultivating that comes in more varieties than might seem obvious at first. 

Within the Santa Cruz Mountains, there are thousands of trails to hike and not only lodging can be found but also wineries, museums, and restaurants. Some just prefer to experience nature through our windows, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If pure nature viewing, from the comfort of being behind your own window, is more your speed, thankfully there’s numerous options for Mountain View apartments which would offer just that.

Crater Lake

A magnificent national park located in southern Oregon, Crater Lake, has something for any type of outdoor enthusiast. Consider yourself that person who does just love the view of nature, bodies of water in particular, what a sight Crater Lake would be for you. It’s easy to get lost in the beauty of the pacific northwest, and with that in mind, it’s all the more stunning to learn that Crater Lake is the only national park in Oregon. That alone speaks for how special the area is, even more so than words could do. 

If you are someone who looks toward a more active outdoor lifestyle, Crater Lake has something for you as well. It might not be the first thing that comes to mind, the Crater is a perfect spot for kayaking because of how beautifly clear the water is. 


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