How To Accessorise A Dress

Dresses can, of course, be gorgeous on their own, but to really make them pop with style, it’s great to be able to accessorise them in the right way. This is not just a matter of throwing on some cheap jewellery or ‘extra’ items and being done with it; there is definitely a right and wrong way to accessorise. Read on to find out how to do it well and make your lovely dress look extra special. 


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Think Of The Colour 

When you are accessorising, the first thing you’ll need to think about is the colour of the dress itself. When buying a dress, the first rule is to go with the colour you want, not the colour you think will be easiest to add to. There will always be gorgeous accessories to suit no matter what colour you pick, so don’t hold back if there is a particular shade you want. 

Once you know what dress you will be wearing, the next step is to choose the right colour accessories to go with it. It’s best to choose a shade similar to the dress colour, although just a little darker or lighter. For example, if your dress is pale pink, try a slightly darker pink necklace, bag, or shoes to go with it. If your dress is dark blue, lighter blue accessories are a good choice. 

If your dress is multi-coloured, pick one of the colours that stands out the most to you and match your accessories with that. This is why we say it makes no difference what colour you want to wear, as there will always be something to add to the outfit. 

Think Of The Cut 

Colour may be the most obvious – and potentially most important – aspect to think about when it comes to accessorizing your dress, but you must also think about the cut. It’s perfect to wear a necklace with a U or V neck dress, especially if the necklace hangs just above the top of the dress, and ideally has the same curve as the neckline. You can wear a fancy necklace or a simple one; the choice is yours because as long as it has the same curve, it will look great. It’s always wise to choose luxury jewellery to suit your lifestyle as well as the dress you’re wearing; it might cost more, but you will wear it a lot more too, and it will match with lots of different dresses. 

If your dress has a high neck or a halter neck, try to avoid a necklace if possible. There is already plenty happening around the neckline, and anything else that draws the eye will just look far too much. Not only that, but you are likely to be uncomfortable wearing anything over a high neck. For this kind of cut, switch to a bracelet instead – this will balance the top of the dress and make the outfit a lot more attractive. 

Think Of The Occasion

Sometimes it’s less about the look and more about the occasion. Shoes are a prime example of this. In some cases, flats and sandals will be perfectly acceptable; even trainers might look absolutely fabulous. At other times, even if more casual shoes do set the outfit off brilliantly, you will need to wear something more formal. 

In these cases, you can work backwards and start knowing the kind of shoe you’ll need to wear, matching your dress to the pair you’ve picked. 


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