Travelling with your cat: Here is what you should know

Cats are not the happiest to travel, irrespective of how short the trip may be. Typically, they do not feel the best about being in the car for long periods. However, it is not an impossible feat to travel with your cat. Perhaps you have tried to do it with shorter trips and you have failed massively and you are now wondering what you should know, as this would inform what to do when looking to travel with your cat. If this describes you, then this article will be of great help.

Apart from the widely-known fact that cats do not exactly love to travel, here are things every feline owner should know about travelling with their cat:

You need to know your airline’s rules for flying with a cat

If your travelling would involve being on a plane, then you need to do your own assignment. A major one here is to know the regulations of the airline you are flying with. What is their policy on travelling with pets, and are there specific ones for felines? Also, you need to know the dimensions of the seats in the airline. This way, you can pick out the best cat backpacks for 2022 for your travel. This would come (of course) after confirming if your cat can travel in the cabin with you.

Look out for the documents you need to fly with your cat. Typically, a health certificate and records for vaccination would be required. You can see if there are any others specific documents your airline requires.

For a short road trip, crating would be helpful

To prevent unnecessary movements (especially during short trips), putting your cat in a crate while giving them access to a litter box and lots of food is great for trips that are not more than six hours. However, if the trip is likely to take longer, then you have to let them roam freely after providing everything they need in the backseat.

If you have decided that you want to crate your cat while travelling, you have to train them to be used to such conditions (perhaps for shorter trips or even within the home). These trainings are still useful even if you wouldn’t crate your cat. They essentially prepare the cat for travelling. Take advantage of crating if you can, it would help you avoid distractions from your cat, especially if you are driving.

Know if your hotel is cat-friendly

Now, this one looks like a no-brainer, but it is easily forgotten. Now, whether you are using a hotel or a short-let apartment, you need to know if their policies allow you to have your cat with you. While many hotels and apartments are very dog-friendly, not all of them are cat-friendly. So, instead of assuming, ask before booking the place to avoid getting your cat stranded.

Know the health status of your cat and provide all the medical help they need                                                                                                          

Getting a health certificate is doing the barest minimum. You need to know if your cat has allergies or health issues that may be elicited by certain conditions. You need to check for these things shortly before your travel, to ensure that you have all the recent details at hand. If there are certain medications that would help sort out their allergies or any other issue, you have to know them and bring these medications along.


In spite of all these preparations, you also need to know that travelling with your cat can bring stress on you. Knowing this is not enough, you have to accept it too. Doing this prepares your mind for what is to come.


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