Designer Accessories That Hold Value

If you start to fall asleep when someone mentions stocks and bonds or when the words cryptocurrency run across your screen when looking at Twitter – you are not alone. 

Sometimes investments sound (and are) boring, even if it is something that we should be paying attention to. We know that investing, even small amounts, can usually make us more cash in the end. 

But what if you want to invest in things that you can use, love, enjoy and hold their value? 

Gold, silver, diamonds, and some designer items hold their value, and like a good investment does – occasional go up in value over the years. 

Design items are highly coveted, and most of the time, it will take some serious savings in order for you to get one. However, once you have secured it, you can use it or store it away from another day. 

Here is a selection of designer items that hold or go up in value. 

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A small Hermès bag will set you back into the thousands – but then it will stay there. A good bag and specifically some of the most coveted bags will remain an item people want. You don’t need to buy a new one unless you want the experience of buying a new one. 

Most of us have heard of the Birkin Hermès Bag, but did you know that it has outpaced the price of gold and the S&P 500? The reseller value can be as high as 50-100% of the initial cost, simply because they are so difficult to get hold of. 

An alternative to this hefty investment? Something from the Evelyne line. Smaller in price and stature but will hold or increase in value over time. 


The Rolex watch takes the cake when it comes to timepieces that make more of a statement than most. Rolex is one of the best brands you can invest your cash in, and almost all models have increased in value over time. 

Specifically, the Submariner and the Daytona, if you want to put your cash in the best place. If you don’t know the difference between the two, don’t worry – check out this Rolex watch comparison guide

The Rolex watch is a collectable item, and watch collectors are always on the lookout to add one or more to their collection. A pre-owned Rolex can run anywhere between two thousand and fifteen thousand. 

Keep in mind that these will need to be serviced too while you have it, to make sure when you do sell it, it is waterproof, accurate and in good working order. 


One of the bags that retain its value the best is the Chanel Classic Double Flap Bag; they’re not cheap to start with but will hold value incredibly well. A resell will snag you about 90% of the original price even after some serious usage. This does depend on the hardware, size, and material. 

One thing to note is that as these brands increase their initial sale price, the hold or resell value also rises. So it is worth keeping an eye on designer trends. Pay special attention to short runs and limited editions as these accessories will increase in value quickly. 

What about an entry-level investment?

Saving up tens of thousands for a bag isn’t easy to do; however, some smaller entry-level options hold value well too. 

  • The Louise Vuitton Key Pouch 
  • Gucci Marmot Bifold Wallet
  • Saint Laurent Classic Monogram Card Holder
  • Chanel Vintage Timeless Cosmetic Case Caviar Tall

Henry level investments mean you can slowly build a collection of designer accessories that hold value without breaking the bank in the first place. 

If you are considering venturing into the works of high-end designers for business, then read this first: Designer Fashion vs High Street Shops: Which Store Should You Set Up? 


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