List Of Activities To Keep Your Kids Entertained At Home

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List Of Activities To Keep Your Kids Entertained At Home 

Whether you work from home or are a full-time houseparent, there is only so much you can do to keep your kids entertained. Fortunately, having many options will help you find out which types of activities will suit you and your child. If you are tired of watching your kids play with just their toys, here are other fun activities you can try with your kids!

Dress Up Play

Playing dress-up with your kids is always a fun activity. This game allows kids to use their imagination and pretend to be someone they are currently interested in. Moreover, your kid can also play dress-up with the dolls. Kids can create situations and act out scenes. In a way, it encourages creative thinking and communication skills which benefits your child.

Fat Brain Toys 

To make play times more fun, you can rely on Fat Brain Toys. This toy is not any as it specializes in gaining essential skills while playing. It has bright colors and fun designs to help your kids develop problem-solving skills through different open-ended plays. You can visit My Happy Helpers for Fat Brain Toys as they have one of the most significant collections of this kind in all Australia. Playing games with your kids can never be this exciting!

Toy Cleaning

Toy cleaning is also a pretense to let your kids have fun. You can fill a bowl, a plastic bin, or even a sink with water, and you can let your kids play! Give them instructions on what they should do and give out a box of toys that they can play with. Keep away the toys that contain electronic pieces. Also, make sure to provide towels. To ensure that they have a good time, include some fun plastic animals and toys they are highly fond of!

Sticker Making

Nothing is more interesting than stickers! Kids, especially smaller ones, can be curious about whatever they lay their hands on. Using a handy guide in making a sticker, you can get crafty and use the materials at home. You can let your kids draw and make the art alone while you turn their works into stickers! This collaboration is an excellent way to improve your bond together.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a fun game that you can play with your kids anywhere safe, may it be inside your house or in your backyard. You put together a list of fun items or foods you want your kids to find. Make sure to place them where they can not find them easily but are also safe for them to retrieve. To make the activity more fun, you can add up riddles or problems before figuring out what items should be found.

Coin Sorting

If your kids are old enough to learn about money and coins, this fun activity can keep them occupied. You can provide them with a few jars or bags full of cash and let them sort through each of the jars or bags. You may also provide another type of jar to keep the sorted coins in there. You can reward them with the sorted coins to keep their motivation high!

Clay Sculpting

Clay is a colorful material that kids can use to mold something easily. It gives them the chance to use their imaginations to create fun models and enhance their sensory development. You can show them a model or a figure you want them to recreate and let them do their way of copying it. You and your kid can also start drawing art and turning it into a sculptor.

Personally Prepare Snacks 

To keep your kids entertained and enjoy your time with them, you can call them to the kitchen for some cooking time. If you are taking a break or feel like having a snack in between your day, nothing beats preparing your snack together. You can bake cookies together and let the little ones assist you, or you can enjoy pairing up food to quench your hunger. 


Painting already sounds fun by itself, but you can try to spice things up to make it more fun for the kids. Instead of using regular painting brushes, you can try painting with your hands! Plus, instead of painting plainly on paper, you can try painting on the walls. Set up an empty wall or a canvas to freely express their creativity. 

Let your kids get down dirty and have fun with colors. Do not forget to always keep an eye on them. Ensure that they do not intake any of the paints.


Origami involves folding paper into particular shapes to form a model. This activity may sound complicated unless you try it. Indulge your kids in origami and guide them in trying out different shapes. It helps in developing mental concentration and enhances hand-eye coordination. Moreover, origami is also considered art therapy which can help you and your kid.


You can do other chores while they are preoccupied with playing. However, it would be better not to leave them alone for long. It would be better to spend some time and play with them. Make sure that everything is safe and have their fair share of fun. Nothing is sweeter than spending your time with your kids!

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