5 Easy Steps To Support Your Child’s Learning Journey


Bringing up young children is hard work, many parents end up feeling the pressure. It’s okay to feel a little overwhelmed, what you need are plenty of resources to inspire you. If you’re looking to help your child learn new things, consider these five easy steps.

Education trips

If you’re keen to help your little one to learn, try taking them on educational trips. Even when babies are little they’ll learn a lot when they are out and about the world. You might attend a mother and baby class? Perhaps take a stroll in the forest? If your child is a toddler they’ll be old enough to appreciate a museum trip. Taking your child on educational trips is an amazing way to support their learning journey.

Child daycare

You’ll need to choose the right child daycare facility for your little one. When it comes to baby care, finding the right pre-school is essential. Not all preschools offer the same kind of structure and activities, so you must do your research. When you’re looking for a daycare center, here are a few questions that you might like to ask:

  • What does a normal day at the preschool involve?
  • How many babies are in one group?
  • What activities will my baby do?
  • How often will they nap?
    • What financial assistance options are on offer?

Read lots of books

If you’re keen to support your child with their learning journey, reading is one of the best activities that you can do. Make sure that you read to your child often, choose a range of different books. When your children are still young it’s best to choose books that are as visually stimulating as possible. There are so many benefits to reading to your baby from an early age:

  • Help to improve their speech and communication skills.
  • Supports memory and listening skills.
  • Can learn about colors, numbers, and shapes.
  • When children are older, reading helps them to develop empathy skills.

Plenty of praise

To help your child on their learning journey, you must give your child lots of praise. As your child grows, they’ll develop learning strengths and weaknesses. You’ll need to help them understand that effort is more important than success. Plenty of positive praise will help your child to believe in their abilities, and keep on learning.

Online resources

There are plenty of online resources which can help you to support your child. Take a look at apps, blogs, and podcasts. Parenting podcasts are a great place to learn new things and feel inspired. To get started, check out these insightful podcasts:

  • Hello Bump
  • Baby Talk
  • Birthful

Focusing on these five tips will help you to support your child. Remember, parenting is a journey, and you’re not going to get everything right immediately. Joining baby groups is another fantastic way to learn new things. Trying out new strategies will help you to learn lots along the way. 

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