Adventuring in the UK: The Perfect Trip for Budding Explorers

Many people have a bucket list full of exciting places to visit and explore. Some decide to spend months or even years travelling, hopping from country to country, always stumbling onto the next adventure. If you can do this, then go ahead.

However, while exploring far-flung places in the world is a great goal and one of the most rewarding things that you can do, you can still feed your adventurous side without leaving the country. This can help some more nervous explorers to find their footing and get used to being on the move, which makes it easier to make the next step boarding a plane.

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Consider a Road Trip

Road trips are a primarily American affair, even if the first road trip took place in Germany, but the UK offers some amazing roads and views to soak in. Even better, while the UK still has long, albeit windy, roads, it’s smaller than America. So, maybe you can’t go on such an epic trip, but you can find a comfortable place to stay each night, perhaps at the Inn Collection Group

Instead, stick on some good music and spend a few days or so on the road. While road trips normally require you to keep moving, you can lengthen a three day trip by popping into little villages along the way. The Yorkshire circuit provides plenty of opportunities, as well as some great roads to enjoy. 

Explore the Coasts

The coasts around the UK are sometimes less appreciated when compared to beaches in hotter countries. However, while the sea is chilly, the beaches are frankly stunning. You can explore the best beaches in England or travel to other parts of the UK.

In England, you have a variety of beaches and seascapes to appreciate. If you like the typical flat sandy beaches, then you’ve got plenty of options. You can also explore sand dunes or even dramatic rocky beaches, which let you clamber around and explore rock pools. Rocky beaches aren’t ideal if you prefer sunbathing or paddling, but they are lovely.

Something For Everyone

The wonderful thing about the UK is that there are potential trip ideas for everyone. As anyone who lives outside of London knows, sometimes it feels like the focus is all on the capital. But, while London is a fantastic place to visit, there’s so many other places to explore in the UK.

If you like the city life, then explore some of the other famous cities of England, as well as the less famous cities. For example, Bath is rightly famous for its historic Roman Baths and some beautiful historical buildings. If you travel further north, you can pop by the seaside city of Whitby before exploring the cute little city of Durham, which houses the famous Durham Cathedral. 

Many travellers prefer the quieter life and the allure of natural beauty. If this is the case, then the good news is that Britain boasts of plenty of natural beauty. Stay in a sleepy village or small town and just soak in the views, there’s nothing quite like it. 

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