Top Acne Scar Treatment Picks

If you are having difficulty concealing your acne scars, it may be beneficial for you to seek a little assistance. Several books and blogs describe their treatment and services, and I have read a number of them.

One, in particular, caught my eye. According to this post, you should not waste your time trying out a slew of ineffective remedies that will not help you get rid of your acne scars. Consider the solutions that will provide you with long-lasting and effective outcomes.

In addition, I will share my top recommendations for acne scar treatment. Continue reading to discover why these treatments are a must-try.


Acne Scar Treatment Benefits

Nowadays, there are a plethora of treatments from which to pick. It’s possible that you’ll become baffled by it all. Not to worry, I’ve compiled a summary of the numerous advantages that these treatments have to offer.

Lutronic Fractional PicoPlus

Laser treatments are often regarded as the most effective method of reducing the appearance of the majority of scars. By employing a variety of lasers, some of which can remove the skin’s outermost layers. Laser resurfacing is a procedure that removes the upper layers of the skin to encourage collagen formation.

A series of highly brief picosecond beams of laser light is delivered to deeper layers of the skin, causing micro-cavities in the targeted location to appear. This enhances the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers, which are essential components of healthy-looking skin.

This new laser technique may not have an effect on the top layers of skin but rather on the deeper layers, where collagen formation can be stimulated. For example, this form of therapy has a quicker recovery period than typical laser exfoliation or microdermabrasion treatments.

Healing time with Fractional Picoplus is practically instantaneous. Following Pico Plus laser treatment, your skin will look somewhat reddish; however, with the application of a specialized healing cream, this redness will fade within two to three hours.

It is normal to require a minimum of three to five treatments, depending on the type and degree of the scars. The sessions are scheduled three to four weeks apart. The treatment costs $450 per session, with a minimum of three sessions.

Now that we’re done tackling this treatment, we will proceed to the next best treatment.


Subcision is an acne scar therapy in which the specialist utilizes a small needle to loosen up tight scar tissues that are dragging down your scars and allowing them to heal more quickly. In just one session, you can notice the precise results of the subcision. Numerous treatments may be done to reach the most outstanding outcomes. A combo of lasers and collagen-stimulating fillers would also enhance the results.

The choice to undertake a subcision treatment is classified according to the type, degree, and area of the scar caused. Subcision is most commonly used to treat sunken scars, bent downward scars, irregular dents, creases, and depressing skin grafts, among other conditions.

A subcision procedure is an excellent alternative for treating the following scars: rolling acne scars, chickenpox scars, and flexible wound scars from surgery or an injury.

Subcision has several advantages. It has no risk of Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation compared to conventional methods, and effects are seen almost rapidly. Still, there will be a few erythema and inflammation instantly just after process that will last for two to three days. It can also address almost all types of scars.

Subcision acne scar removal treatment in Singapore ranges from $400 for small areas of treatment to $1,000 for larger areas of treatment. For such a comprehensive treatment, the price is reasonable.


Rejuran S

You can have this incredible dermal filler treatment that works like magic when you go to Singapore. Rejuran S has a thick texture and a higher concentration of active ingredients than Rejuran Healer. Because of these characteristics, Rejuran S is particularly well suited for treating acne scars.

After the acne-induced irritation and damage to the skin, your skin may attempt to mend itself by generating collagen to repair the collagen fibers that were damaged or destroyed. In some situations, ideal recovery might not even happen. Instead, twisted loops may develop between the epidermis layer, causing the skin to alter the shape, be dragged down, and sink in, resulting in a deep, pitted scar.

Rejuran S helps to minimize the appearance of acne scarring by stimulating collagen formation and skin repair in the skin’s deeper layers.

Rejuran S can be used with other acne scar lasers, such as CO2 lasers, INFINI lasers, and Pico lasers. This dynamic combo improves the effectiveness of acne scar removal treatments.

To promote collagen production, Rejuran S can also be inoculated into your skin at the bottom of the acne scar after it has been surgically removed.

When you use Rejuran S to volumize your depressed scars, the aesthetic results are rapid, and you will notice a significant improvement right away. There will also be long-term scar improvement due to the ongoing collagen synthesis, which will extend for several weeks to months.

Fillers are usually considered safe these days, and they rarely cause serious side effects. The most typical adverse effects are mainly associated with injections, such as erythema, soreness, irritation, inflammation, or bruising, to name a few examples. These are generally modest and go away within a few days of onset.

When obtained in a bundle of three treatments, the price of Rejuran S Acne Scar therapy starts at $500 per syringe.

Final Thoughts

Whatever you choose, be confident and firm that you will derive full benefit from it and within your financial means. Go to your dermatologist and ask all of your questions regarding your treatment options and the products that will be recommended for you.

If you are having difficulty concealing your acne scars, it may be beneficial for you to seek a little assistance. Several books and blogs describe their treatment and services, and I have read a number of them.


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