How To Find Joy In The Small Things

We are more conditioned than ever to find joy in big things. New cars, hew houses, bumper pay rises, and other BIG things. And while there will always be a lot of excitement in something that has been earned, it should be enjoyed. 

It is the everyday moments that can spark continual joy. Finding joy in little things can often feel like you are going against what we have been told is joyful, and it can take practice to get there. 

So if you are on a mission to find joy in small, everyday things, here are some tips to help. 

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Manage expectations

If you are satisfied with something, you are more likely to be happy. You might be in for a bumpy ride if you have set expectations so high that no one and nothing can reach them. 

While we should have high standards, they should be reachable. 

When we manage our own expectations, we are more often going to be satisfied, and that means we are more likely to find joy in those moments. 

It might be a good cup of tea, it might be completing work, or it might be something someone has done for you. 

Even though not a huge percentage of our happiness is based on external factors, we can make sure that we aren’t expecting too much of others. 


We can often be our own worst enemy when it comes to not letting ourselves be in the moment and have fun. It might be that we hide our smiles because we don’t have straight teeth

Sometimes we are so busy thinking about things in the past and the future that we can forget to be in the now. 

One of the barriers here is that we are always thinking about what already has happened and what might happen – but not what is happening. 

If you know that you have some barriers that stop you from enjoying small moments, start to make a note of them. How can you tackle them? 


We already know that comparison is the thief of joy – but thanks to the internet and some very loud voices, it is easier than ever to compare ourselves to others. 

We should all have our own ambitions in life, and it is certainly okay to draw lots of inspiration from others around us. But if we start comparing ourselves to others, envy often comes with it. Along with thoughts of – why am I not good enough? 

What you might be seeing on someone’s social channels is likely their highlight reel – and you might not be seeing their own struggles. 

Get so lost in what you are doing that you don’t feel envious of others because you are in love with your moment. 


It is very easy to focus on what we think we are missing, and that becomes all we can think about—filling those perceived gaps. Often we forget just how good we have it. Warm socks, a roof, blankets, hot water. It is these simple things that can bring us so much joy. 

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