How To Write A 5 Paragraph Essay

Have you been assigned a five-paragraph essay? Not sure how to go about it? If so, you’re at the right place at the right time. We’ve put together 5 crucial tips to help you craft a compelling five-paragraph write-up.

Choose your subject

When you have to write a five-paragraph essay, you first choose the topic wisely. Then, in the draft, you will have to discuss 3 strong ideas or arguments. For that, you must have good knowledge about your topic. And, you must be able to write an impressive piece. If you’re writing about something you’re least interested in, you can’t write something impressive. Therefore, try to follow these steps before you choose a topic:

  • Brainstorm topic ideas alone or with friends or family.
  • Shortlist 2 or 3 topics.
  • Do some initial research on the shortlisted topics.
  • Select the topic that has much reading material online.

Following these steps may seem redundant, but they will help you select the right topic for you. If you’re having difficulty choosing a topic, you can also take help from . They have a wide variety of topics to help students get started. Besides, they also help students write on those topics.

Choosing the right topic is extremely important. Are you wondering why? After all, you have to write a piece that leaves an impression. And, it isn’t possible without choosing a subject that you can discuss like a pro. So, always make sure you spend some time brainstorming and topic researching. Writing a five-paragraph requires more details and evidence, which means you must have a good grab of the subject. Thereby, choose a subject that interests you the most.

Do your research

Another crucial step to follow is the actual research work. Once you’re done finalizing the subject, start reading various relevant sources. The more you read, the better you can write. So, always keep time for the research work. You can find a wide range of reading material on Google and your college library, from scholarly articles to books. Skim through all the relevant material, and save the sources you think you’d need.

Doing so will help produce unique ideas and arguments. Also, it will help you gather strong evidence to support your arguments or ideas. Your research work is going to be the backbone of your essay. Reading various sources will allow you to grasp the subject and write on it with expertise. It will also help you

Come up with a unique angle. When you present strong arguments with strong evidence, your professor will know you have done your homework well. They will know how much effort you have put into the research work. For a college or university student, accurate citations are extremely important. They make your work credible and worthy. So, always make sure you research your topic well before writing. However, if you’re feeling stuck and need to write a 3-page essay in 2 hours, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Online professional writing help can help you submit your assignment on time without stressing over it.

Create your essay outline

Before starting a five-paragraph essay, make sure you create an outline. Outlining your draft will help you put your ideas in a better way. The outline serves as a roadmap and helps you organize your writing. Also, it helps you maintain cohesion and cohesiveness. A typical outline includes:

  • Hook of the intro and thesis statement;
  • Key arguments and evidence paragraph-wise;
  • Concluding point.

You need to jot down some pointers and elaborate on them in your draft. Doing so will also ensure you don’t miss any important evidence or point. It will also help you write faster. You will have a clear mind about what you have to write. You will not lose track of your thoughts while writing.

Write your essay

Once you’re done with the outline, it’s time to turn it into a draft. There are several ways to start paragraphs in essays. But, the best one is to start your introductory paragraph with a hood. Then, give a brief background of the topic and thesis statement. And your body paragraphs with a topic sentence. The structure of a body paragraph looks like this:

  • Topic sentence;
  • Argument or idea to prove your position;
  • Evidence or example to support your argument;
  • Commentary to further explain your evidence or counter-argument;
  • Concluding sentence that connects this paragraph to the topic of the essay

Using a topic sentence is a good way to start a paragraph. Also, it will help you score good grades. A topic sentence introduces your paragraph and allows the reader to know it. So, make sure you include it. Never start your body sections directly with an argument. Doing so may cost you your grades.

Lastly, summarize your key points in the last paragraph and give a concluding statement. But, make sure you don’t repeat the same words in your conclusion.

Edit and proofread your essay

No matter how small or lengthy your paper is, editing and proofreading remain a constant duty. Doing the needful allows you to produce a top-notch, high-quality essay. Make sure you read the final version of the essay at least thrice. Reading your essay loud and clear helps you rectify the flow and language of the piece. Get a second opinion by asking a friend or colleague to read and edit. Reading every word carefully is what you call proofreading. When you edit your essay, you tend to miss out on usual mistakes or spelling errors. Ensure all the punctuations, spellings, and grammatical errors are fixed in this step. Make sure the vocabulary used is professional. The final touches also allow the writer to set the required tone and refine the flow of the essay. The loopholes in the paper structure are also addressed in this step. You may also look for repetition and fix repeated words with alternate synonyms. Remember, the better you edit the essay, the higher the quality. Eventually, a high-quality essay brings the grades you desire.

All in all, writing a five-paragraph essay is no rocket science. All you have to be is a little organized. The key is to do your research well and follow the correct structure. These two things will ensure you are going in the right direction.


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