Know your hardware: Coach bolts edition


As a woman in this modern age, I believe it’s important to know the basics of certain things that used to be deemed more of a manly subject. You never know when you’ll need a bolt, a nut or to screw some shelves to your wall. These are things that anyone can easily learn. It’s handy to know about hardware, even more so, when you are a homeowner.

Things break, need fixing, need replacing. So, having a little knowledge about hardware and how to repair basic items around the house will also give you a better understanding of when you need a professional or when you don’t. A lot of things can be done by yourself (and you will feel great after doing them!). Of course, there’s nothing wrong with hiring a professional and asking others for help.

All of this to say that I’ve recently learnt about coach bolts. And yes, I said that it’s important to know the basics of hardware. “How come did I not know about coach bolts?” you might be asking. There’s not a specific time period to learn the basics of hardware. You will always be learning about new things all your life, and recently for me, that was coach bolts. So, today, I decided to share some information on these handy fasteners.

What are coach bolts?

You might have heard coach bolts be called carriage bolts, mushroom head bolts or even cup square hex bolts. These have the same end goal as other bolts – to join two materials together. What makes these bolts different is their design.

As Speedy Fixings, coach bolt supplier, explain coach bolts “feature a large mushroom head which sits on top of a square neck. Both of these features work to prevent coach bolts from turning while being attached as well as to restrict them from loosening.”

When to use coach bolts?

“Coach bolts are ideal for applications that require a good degree of security.” Says Mummy Vs Work. This includes the construction of decking, timber joists and more. Coach bolts are designed for metal to wood applications as well as wood to wood applications.

What is the difference between coach bolts and coach screws?

Coach bolts are coach screws might seem similar due to their names but these are far from being alike. As My Pinstrosity Life mentions “Screws either create their own thread in material or are fastened into an existing thread whilst bolts need to be fastened with a nut or washer to hold materials together.”


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