How to Make Your Commute to Work More Fun

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When you are building up your confidence to go back to work, the commute to the office can be a daunting experience. The time in your car, or on public transport is incredibly mundane. It can seem like the journey is taking forever, giving you ample time to overthink and overwhelm yourself. This will already get your day off to a bad start before you have even set foot into the office.

The experience you have on your daily commute to work will dictate how the rest of your day turns out. This is why it is important to incorporate things that are going to make your commute more enjoyable so that you feel confident, happy and set yourself up for a good day in the office. The time you have when you are travelling between destinations is valuable, and there are better ways you can use your free time than stressing. 

If you’re not sure how to change your commute, here are some top tips to make your commute more fun. 

#1 Pick a better commute option 

Is it something about the type of transport that you are taking that is stressing you out? Perhaps driving in your car becomes stressful when you have to sit in traffic, or maybe you don’t like how busy the train can get. Everyone is different and therefore, will have different opinions on the best mode of transport.. Review your current commuting practices and see where you can reduce the stress.

If you find the car stressful, then perhaps you can find a public transport option. This will give you more free time, as you don’t have to concentrate on driving. You can then watch your favourite television program on your phone or tablet, read a book, or enjoy the scenic views. Alternatively, if public transport is too busy for you, then consider driving to work. This will give you the space you desire, and you can relax while listening to music, the radio, or a podcast. 

#2 Create a positive playlist 

Whether you are driving or taking public transport, a positive playlist can make a world of difference. Music has been known to impact your emotions. Listening to upbeat music can evoke positive feelings, such as joy. It can also encourage the production of dopamine and serotonin from your brain, giving you a boost in mood and confidence before starting your day at work. Simply find your favourite songs, and download them offline with a youtube to mp3 converter, so you can listen to them whenever you need a boost. 

#3 Practice mindfulness

As long as you safely conduct mindfulness, it can be a great activity to do while commuting to work. When you are anticipating your workday, it is easy to get caught up in negative thoughts and emotions. Mindfulness enables you to break this cycle by bringing your attention to the present moment. Simply pay attention to the things you can see on the road, the things you can smell, and the things you can hear. 

Don’t ruin your workday on your commute. Get your day off to a good start by following these top tips. 


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