Make Sure Your Wedding Look Lasts All Day & Night With These Tips

Who among you has been scouring the many bridal boards on Pinterest as of late? It is once again wedding season, and regardless of whether you are an honoured guest, a bridesmaid, or perhaps the bride herself, it is virtually inevitable that you will become swept up in the contagious excitement of the occasion.


The challenge of achieving the ideal appearance for the big event comes hand in hand with excitement and enthusiasm. Your appearance should be fresh and natural, but it also has to have lasting power so that it can carry you from the ceremony into the night when you are out on the dance floor. Let us not forget all of the images that are going to be taken; after all, nobody wants to be seen in public with mascara smudges after experiencing an emotional outburst.


Here, we look at some tried and tested tips to make sure you are wedding season ready.


  1. Enrol in a make-up artist training programme.

Participating in a class is an excellent way to ensure that your makeup will look and feel professional without incurring the additional cost of employing a make-up artist. It is also a fun pastime for hen parties and bachelorette parties.

  1. Give some thought to the moisturizer you use.

If the typical daily moisturizer you use is fairly thick, you should skip it since it will make it easier for your makeup to come off. Choose a lightweight moisturizer that does not include oil, but make sure to test it out a few days in advance in case it causes any adverse reactions.

  1. Refrain from washing your hair.

If you wash your hair on the same day that you want to style it, it will be far too soft to hold any style, particularly if you want to achieve a complex braided look or an elaborate updo. If you want your hair to stay clean and full of volume for the next day, put some dry shampoo in it the night before. Don’t forget to check out updo ideas and mahogany hair ideas in advance. You don’t want to do it too close to the big day itself!

4 . Start with a great base 

Primers are not just filler goods. In addition to attracting makeup like a magnet, they have the ability to blur small lines and other flaws on the skin, making them something akin to bottled Photoshop. Apply the primer after you have moisturized but before you apply foundation.

  1. Make sure that you apply your foundation properly.

Once you have identified a foundation that works well with your complexion, the next step is to become proficient in its application. Applying foundation in thin layers with a foundation brush and working outwards from the center of the face is the best way to ensure that your base will still be covered by the time the sun goes down.

  1. Steer clear of anything that glitters.

Products that include glitter should not be used for wedding makeup because they will cause a glare in wedding images and will also accumulate in ugly clumps over time. If you want your makeup to have a little shimmer, look for items that blend smoothly and have a very slight shine.

  1. Try using a cream blush instead.

After a few hours of being worn, powder blushes have the potential to seem a little less vibrant on the skin. Cream blushers and cheek stains provide a natural-looking flush that is attractive and glowy. 

  1. Curl your eyelashes

Makeup on the wedding day needs to be able to endure tears in addition to the passage of time. If you want to avoid getting panda eyes, curl your eyelashes and use a water-resistant mascara.

  1. Make your up-do last

After you have blown your hair dry, consider putting mousse to your hair and then drying it again to achieve a more manageable updo for your special day. Before you sweep your hair up, give it some tease at the roots. Because of its consistency and tackiness, the mousse will be able to keep its shape for the duration of the day.

  1. Make your perfume last

Spray some eau de parfum instead of eau de toilette since eau du parfum is more concentrated and has a stronger scent. You should also apply it to areas of your skin that are not directly exposed to air, such as the back of your neck and your décolletage.


  1. Make sure you use a base for your eye makeup.

Like the rest of your face, your eyelids may get greasy, and if you do not use a primer, the product will slide off and creep into the folds of your eyelids. If you do not have an eye shadow primer, you may use a light concealer instead. This will achieve the same effect.

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