The Importance of Having A Support System In Your Life

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For some people, being alone is a deliberate choice, but for others, it isn’t. Loneliness can cause depression and trigger many other unhealthy negative emotions. This is why it is crucial to have an active support system that provides enough cushioning for your mental wellbeing. Statistics showed that about 8.5 million adults had needed various kinds of support in recent times. It proves the importance of this essential structure and its role in your life. So, whether you are a new mum needing support or an older adult, this is for you.

  • Boosts the rate of spontaneous check-ins

A support system is a network of family and friends who have your welfare at heart in a simple description. You can call them the inner circle that provides practical and emotional support at important times of your life. The exciting part about having a vibrant support system is the benefit of spontaneous check-ins. In other words, even though there is mutual respect for your time and space, they don’t need to inform you before calling or visiting.

They can drop in at any time to check on you and to see how you’re faring. It doesn’t matter if the call or visit lasted only for a short time. The most important thing is the beauty of having you in their thoughts. According to behavioural experts, spontaneous visits solidify friendships and enhance bonding. To some extent, it also signifies how important you are to your support system. Humans are known to be social creatures which explain the innate need to connect with others. Regarding mental health, spontaneous visits can help draw you out of the proverbial shell you may have coiled into.

  • Increased chances of immediate care when needed

Having a support network increases your chances of receiving immediate care when the need arises. For instance, when you’re home alone and need urgent care, you will have a trusted list to fall back on for help. This is particularly crucial for the ageing population, who may need devices like a fall alarm for elderly people. It uses advanced technology to alert emergency services and your support system in a situation that demands immediate external help.

  • Controls the risk of loneliness-induced depression

According to the National Institute for Health and Care Research UK, when people score high on the loneliness scale, the more depressive episodes they have. This research shows a direct correlation between depression and loneliness. There is no argument on why you need a support system with this information. Several studies have proven that loneliness-induced depression is not only a theoretical concept. Instead, it is a stark reality some people have faced or continue to experience in their daily lives.

The truth is that when people find themselves rarely in touch with others, it increases the risk of developing negative thinking. They wished they had a support network of friends and family to turn to. However, it becomes challenging to even know who to call in these moments. UK’s depression rates doubled by the start of the second quarter of 2020, when the nation was grappling with the pandemic and lockdowns. The website stated that moderate to severe depression cases spiked by 19.2% in that period. It reinforces the point that loneliness-induced depression is a real thing.

To conclude, a good support system can influence positive peer pressure. This helps influence your decisions as you navigate through life.

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