Break From the Standard: Why to Consider a Custom Home

The American ideal is a well-known thing now. You get a job, a partner, a house, and move in to enjoy long and happy years together. For most real estate, you have a set number of options that you enjoy picking from. But, what if there is a specific issue in a house that wouldn’t be solvable without knocking the whole thing down?

For most people, the ability to build or rebuild a house is out of the question financially, but for those who can afford to, making it from scratch is a thoroughly rewarding experience. A lot of homeowners hate a specific aspect of their house. 

Perhaps it has no noise insulation to speak of, or even worse, no thermal insulation to protect you from letting cold air in. Regardless of the reasoning, if you want something specific, chances are you can acquire that by starting from the bottom.

Solvable Problems

No home is perfect, and the older it gets the more likely that standards applied in the past will fall out of use. As an example, here’s a great way to tell if popcorn ceilings (used widely in the 50 years or so after World War 2) in your home might have asbestos:

That’s right, a standard home ceiling patterning material may have the root cause of mesothelioma laced into its very chemical composition.

Discoveries like this happen every now and again, though they are getting to be rarer since health and safety standards have made their way into home development and construction. Even if your property is fairly modern, it’s a safe bet that there was a corner cut somewhere that you could never see. 

Even homeowners at the time of the construction of their home may not know what kind of thing is going into their living space. The only efficient way to prevent this is to work hand in hand with the person or people building your home.

Custom homes effectively solve this problem. Though many people consider this a luxury, chances are even the best custom home builder near you has flexible payment plans available. This kind of construction certainly isn’t for the financially unstable, but it is more accessible than you might think for people with a wide variety of incomes. 

A lot of the cost of custom homes comes from the scale. Building an extra room somewhere costs a lot, even though that is the primary positive effect of investing in this kind of construction.

Future Proof Your Living Space

Even the best homes come with a few question marks. For instance, if your plumbing or electricity is old and, worst of all, rare among different standards, it can be difficult to determine a proper way to fix a problem.

If this happens, a plumber or electrician might want to figure out the layout of wires, pipes, or services in the house. This kind of testing is usually pretty fast (for plumbers specifically it’s sticking a camera down there and figuring it out) but the cost can add up fast.

There are a few downfalls though for this kind of service. It can be expensive, and it can be painfully slow. If you’re anxious to move somewhere fast this can be an issue. Don’t consider this kind of house if you’re not financially stable, or if you’re suffering from any health problem that would stop you from just going there and addressing a potential construction problem.

A lot of houses can become investments for life, both physically and financially. If that’s the case, putting time into that space is often a necessity to keep up with a fast-moving world. Custom living space construction is not for the faint of heart, but if you have specific needs a specific service is sometimes your best option. If not, click here for some tips anyway on finding the house that’s right for you.

Final Considerations

This service can be an absolute godsend to people who have mobility issues. Designing a home around a wheelchair or similar assistance device can make a world of difference for the independence of people in this situation around the house. A lot of houses can be modified to fit the needs of a person like this, but only a single type can be built around your needs. Though this would decrease the value of the house long-term, this isn’t the biggest issue.

The world will likely always have people with the kind of mobility issues a custom-built house can solve. Finances are a problem of course for anyone who wants something handmade, but if you don’t have a problem with the big bucks you should definitely look into this. The kind of stability that only custom products offer may be just the thing you need.

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