Creating a self-care routine

It’s important to take care of yourself from time to time and sometimes this can be easily forgotten. Creating a self-care routine can be incredibly beneficial for your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Indulging in self-care allows time for you to check in with your mind and is a great way to remove yourself from your busy lifestyle. 

Read our guide to discover how you can create and implement your own self-care routine.

Set time aside

It may seem impossible to find some time for yourself if you have a busy schedule, but this makes taking time out even more important. Set some time aside to recharge and you’ll certainly thank yourself for it.

Dedicating an allotted amount of time to apply a face mask or read your favourite book without feeling guilty, whether that be once a day or once a week, gives you the chance to look forward to something and spend time with yourself. 

Even if you have to physically fit this time into your schedule, it shouldn’t be overlooked.

Get active

Physical activity can help boost your mood and increase energy levels. It can also help your confidence if you find the right activity for you. 

Releasing those endorphins after exercising will make you feel happier and more relaxed. This helps reduce anxiety and stress levels and can provide you with an emotional lift.

Exercise is also helpful in promoting better sleep, so if you’re struggling to wind down, physical activity can assist you with a deeper sleep.  

Treat yourself

Self-compassion is great for your mental health. Allowing yourself to splash out and treat yourself every once in a while can be a fantastic way to reward yourself and boost your happiness. You don’t have to justify your treats – it can just be a small thank you to yourself to keep you feeling productive and energised.

Whether it’s buying yourself your favourite bar of chocolate or investing in some new lingerie, your treat can be anything you like. 

Alternatively, treats to yourself can serve as motivation, so it’s good to set up a system where you can feel that you’ve earned something you’ve been eyeing up for a while.

Benefits of self-care

Self-care helps you to slow down and allows you to refocus on what is really important in your life. You can’t get tasks done if you don’t take care of yourself first. 

Your overall wellbeing will significantly improve, enabling you to feel worthy and in charge of your own life. It will also benefit those around you – self-care will make you feel a happier, livelier person which everyone will enjoy.


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