Exploring Internet Safety with Your Child

The world that’s out there on the internet is waiting for your child, and it can be a wondrous place to find a multitude of resources. Safety is also a paramount part of guiding your child through the many strands of the internet. In this guide from an independent school in Surrey, we take a look at the ways you can help your child with being safe as they browse the internet.

Show all of the potential risks to your child

A child that jumps into the unknown will never really know how they can manage browsing the internet. This is why it’s really important to give your child the awareness of these different risks that criminals can bring to unsuspecting homes. 

Talk through the most common ways your child can be caught out. There are a lot of different scams kids can fall for when they’re using social media for example. If your child is actively using an email address then they should be aware of phishing scams or spam reading their folders. 

Then there’s also ways children can get caught out by simply browsing online and accessing websites that are chock full of adverts. Make sure you yourself know what to look out for as well.

Ensure your child doesn’t spend too much time online

Some children can become dependent on using the internet all of the time. It can hinder a child’s focus if they become almost addicted to using the computer all the time. Limit their time when they’re online so that they don’t become fixated on hanging out with their friends and missing out on important studying time. You can set child-friendly restrictions through your internet provider or set specific times your child can use the internet.

Monitor your child’s phone and video game use

Now that the internet has gone beyond just heading onto a computer, your child can also find different ways to access the internet. Social media can be easily accessed on our phones nowadays, and your child will probably have a phone to use on a regular basis soon, if they don’t already. 

Similarly you’ll find a lot of console games now rely on the internet, if they’re not already using a PC to play games. Help your child learn to factor these in when they’re playing with friends online. A lot of online games mean that your child will be passing strangers, which they need to be aware of.

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