How to Raise an Inquisitive Child

Inquisitiveness is a good skill all children will be able to handle as they grow older, and it’s a great thing to help your child learn to use to boost their creativity skills. Being able to feel curious, engaged in all things that they come into contact with and embrace the world in a happy and exciting way.

To help your child feel continually inquisitive, here are some top tips from this independent school in Elstree.

Provide multiple ways for your child to have fun

The home should have an ample selection of games and activities to help your child engage in the many ways they can feel curious. Have an easily accessible toy box at arms length for your child to be able to head to when they’re feeling bored, or grab that box of miscellaneous building blocks from the attic. The activities that allow your child to make whatever pops into their head are more likely to think on their own terms and come up with things they actually want to create.

Don’t forget the importance of art

While art in its most basic form can involve paints and colouring pencils, your child can go much further with their skills if they’re given a range of materials. Try felt and funky shaped scissors for instance, or using crochet or knitting to push a child’s skills in different ways. With the arts you can use a range of different avenues – from performing arts, digital art, games, singing as well as the more traditional forms of art.

Let your child ask plenty of questions

A child that knows how to ask questions is going to have a lot more fun than those who feel afraid to ask things. Give your child the floor all of the time – let them be curious by asking a range of different questions each day. 

They’re going to ask a lot of random questions, like why the tree leaves are green and then turn brown, or how clouds are formed, how is music made? While they may look and sound like silly questions, you should always involve your child in these discussions. They’ll end up learning quite a lot from their parents this way!

Act positive at all times

A positive environment will make your child naturally more confident in asking those difficult questions, the ability to converse with you and head outside to explore the world they live in. Make every opportunity an exciting venture for your child, who will want to always know what’s around the corner.

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