The Benefits of Sports in Schools

Sports are commonplace in schools for a reason – they help your child learn a variety of skills while also learning about having fun, communicating with others and a whole bunch of other benefits. In this guide from a private school in Surrey, we take a look at the biggest benefits sports bring to students in schools.

Shows your child how to be a team player

A lot of sports your child will get to experience specifically need teamwork in order to succeed. From playing football, rugby, cricket and many more – your child will be tested in a range of roles that help their team. Each of these sports also have different parts to play in either defending or working with others to score goals or tackles.


Communication skills, learning to delegate, making quick decisions and helping to support the group all come with understanding how to be an effective team player. All of these skills will greatly help your child learn to enjoy these sports and how they can be a great asset to the team.

Help your child discover their passion

If your child is generally sporty and wants to explore a number of sports, then allow them to see which ones interest them the most. In doing this, your child will eventually find the sport that they really appreciate and want to take part in regularly. A school is a great place to try out these sports as you or your child won’t have to pay for that experience – they’re getting a good taste of what’s out there that they can take part in.

Improved physical health

All sports rely on a significant amount of exercise and practice in order to perform well. In taking up a sport on a regular basis your child is working on their own fitness regime at the same time. Continuing a sport each week means your child will improve blood flow across the body, improve their overall strength, and are less likely to become overweight.

Improved mental health

Another health benefit children will see is the changes it will make to their mental health. Your child will be able to take a break, collect their thoughts and look at the world around them when they’re playing a sport. A raised heart rate, an increased amount of endorphins and the chance to get away from the classroom all help a child in managing their mental health in a better way. 


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