What to look for in a family car

Are you thinking about buying a new family car? Perhaps your old one is starting to show its age and the repair bills are beginning to stack up. Or maybe you’ve recently been blessed with a new addition and the time has come to splash out on something more practical. Whatever your reasons, it’s not always a straightforward decision.

There are dozens of makes and models from which you can choose, all featuring their own pros and cons. What’s right for someone else might not be right for you, so it’s important to take the time to do your research and settle on the vehicle that’s going to suit you and your family perfectly. But what sort of things should you be considering? Here are just a few pointers to help you to make the right choice.


This is a major consideration for most people. You need to be realistic in what you can afford, while also thinking about how you’re going to pay for the vehicle. It may be that you’re in a position to pay cash up front but, if not, then you need to look at financing options, which require you to put down an initial deposit and then settle the remainder via monthly instalments. It may be worth considering an alternative to a bad-credit loan if your credit rating is not as strong as you’d like and you need a little assistance to secure the vehicle for which you’re looking.


What could be more important than the wellbeing of your loved ones? Whenever you’re looking at a vehicle, you should always ask for the safety specifications that come as standard, as well as those that can be included for an additional cost. The European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP) provides ratings for all kinds of makes and models, so you can check those out to see how your prospective vehicle compares to its rivals.


Where are you going to get the most out of your available space? If you’re constantly transporting all manner of prams, highchairs, sports equipment and pets, then a sizeable boot is what you need. But you need to make sure that the car is a comfortable space for any drivers or passengers, too – especially if you’re going to be hitting the road for long journeys.


With the cost of fuel rising steeply in the UK, it’s more important than ever that you give careful thought to the efficiency of your car. As well as being bad for the environment, an inefficient vehicle will end up costing you a pretty penny in regular trips to the petrol station, so be sure to weigh up the consumption of any models at which you’re looking. It may also be worth joining the green revolution and going fully electric in order to futureproof your family car.


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