Setting up the perfect study space for your child

Creating an ideal study space is key for the progression and motivation for your child during exam seasons. Getting your child to complete homework or revision can be a difficult task so a designated space may make this easier for both you and your child. A perfect learning environment is all a child needs in order to stay focused on their work. Here are some tips from a private sixth form in Guilford on setting up the perfect study space for your child.

Start by removing the biggest distraction; electronic devices. Nowadays, one of the biggest distractions are mobile phones as there is always someone to talk to or something to watch. Remove any televisions that may in the room with them too as these play as a big distraction too.

It is important to create a space that is light and airy. If the area is dim and gloomy, it won’t be inviting and can lead to low energy levels in your child. Many students like to study late at night, so a good lamp will create not only a cosy environment, but make it easier to see. However, if your child likes to study in the day, optimise a big window and allow the natural light to pour in.

Figure out if noise is a big distraction when deciding where to place the study area. It usually is easier away from household noise. However, white noise can be soothing so the noise of birds outside the window or passing cars shouldn’t be avoided entirely. Consider soothing music to ensure they don’t get too lost in their thoughts and create a soft pattern of learning.

Gather all the tools needed. Stationary, books and even ornaments for their desk can be a great way to encourage your child to study. Fill a drawer with colourful pens, highlighters and pencils so they feel motivated to be creative whilst completing their work. This is also a great way for students who are doing exams to remember their content through colour coding. 

Ensure the area is a decent temperature with ventilation. A study place too cold or too hot will be uninviting and won’t help your child concentrate. It may also affect health too. Ventilation is required to keep your child alert whilst working and to get the best possible results. 

Lastly, a comfortable chair. Once you’re comfortable in a spot, you feel happy enough to get anything done and it’s the same with studying. Invest in a good chair that not only is comfortable but ensures your child will have the correct support for their posture. 


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