The benefits of drama lessons for kids

Drama lessons are a hit or miss depending on children. Most believe it’s for the most theatrical but can actually have many benefits for children alone. Here is some advice from a drama school in north London on the benefits of drama lessons for kids.

  1. Drama is known to need a lot of confidence to take part in. You’re on a stage or screen being watched by a large audience and it can be nerve wracking. Drama lessons actually aid in building confidence and it can take as little as a few weeks for a child to build their self-esteem and take part in bigger activities they never felt able to complete before.
  2. It helps with concentration. With drama, there is a lot of sharing ideas and to take turns whilst doing so. This helps build skills to engage a child and teach them patience which is vital for the world outside their home.
  3. It aids with the development of language and communication skills. A lot of drama classes produce musicals which require songs to be sung. These can be of different languages which is a great way for children to introduce it into their vocabulary. Facial expressions and body language have to be controlled as much as possible to fit into the right character and is a great way to build excellent communication skills.
  4. Almost every single time, your child will be taking part with a group of people which will teach them how to co-operate and work alongside different types of personalities. Through this they will resilience and understand how to behave.
  5. It is a great way to figure out the world around you. The exploration of different themes gives children an insight onto what the world offers which can spark interest in them and make them curious as to what else there is out there.
  6. Emotional intelligence is a big one. Through drama, they are made to study and act out different emotions, especially ones they may not be entirely familiar with. This will create a major understanding for them and give them the ability to develop empathy for others.
  7. Above all, it allows children to create a close friendship group of creative minds. They can bounce off ideas of their friends and help each other come up with solutions to problems all by themselves. A strong love for drama may allow your child to take on further into the professional world and progress onto a career.

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