The Best Cities to Go Jewelry Shopping Around the Globe

Jewelry shows an individual’s sense of style and enhances their appearance. Shopping for jewelry is enjoyable, especially when you are travelling. It allows you to add various pieces to your collection, each carrying a unique memory. Visiting cities famous for their jewelry lets you learn how the most prominent jewelers and local artisans craft impressive pieces you can proudly put on. 

Read on for the world’s top cities with the most beautiful pieces.


Milan has many unrivalled jewelry stores that will leave you spoilt for choice. In this city, you will discover the coolest, vintage, handmade and new design pieces. If you are interested in contemporary and bold pieces, Messika jewelry will suit you best. Choosing gems depends on your mood and relaxation needs. The choice is also determined by your preference and the piece’s shape.


Paris is very popular for shopping escapades, and it has the most prominent fashion labels across the globe, such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton. The city of love is also ideal for shopping for high-end gems. If your preference is quirky and trendy pieces, the 3rd Arrondissement will be your perfect spot. Other places where you can find this type of piece are Canal St. Martin and Saint-Germain-des-Prés. While in Paris, you can visit flea markets for an incredible shopping experience that is enjoyable and memorable.


Geneva is the best location to vacation if you want to explore classy modern pieces. This city is very popular for its watches. Most companies are either situated here or have outlets in Geneva. One of these companies is the stunning Tiffany & Co., which you should check out while you visit the city. Ornament shops worth considering are Swatch, Bucherer, Piaget and Escape Temps.


Dubai is an incredible destination to purchase ornaments. You will find an impressive variety of gold at the Gold Souk, a must-visit place in the city. You will come across many retailers who are experts in gold accessories. The gold is legit, considering there are rigid guidelines on the purity of the metal and gold traded. The shops must adhere to these criteria to get a certification. Some of the jewel stores available are Taiba, Liali and Damas.


Bangkok has something for everyone ranging from brilliant street markets to posh chic malls. Chatuchak Weekend Market is among the best and largest shopping locations in Bangkok, with many stalls. Here, you will find various accessories sold in sections, such as pet jewelry. The market draws a significant population on a regular weekend and sits on 35 acres of land.

Jewels provide a way to express yourself while helping to complete your look. The accessories are crafted with outstanding aesthetics, and their designs are incomparable. If you want to go on a vacation, think about these places, and you will have the best experience sampling various pieces. Combining an exotic destination with your accessory shopping can be more enjoyable.

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