5 Wonders of Russia You Didn’t Know About

Were you ever fascinated by the beauty of nature? Do you admire the charm of nature and love to explore new places? Let’s know about a glorious nation and explore its wondrous sites. Today we will know about something unfamiliar and remarkable Wonders of Russia. Russia invitation with Russian visa will give you the entry pass and let you see the example of beauty; no doubt why Russia has several wonders. The nation is full of natural beauty and extraordinary architecture.

Be prepared to please your eyes and explore the exotic tourist site. Which aren’t only famous in the country but these sites have been attracting tourists from different parts of the world. Why should you stay behind them all? If you’re planning to make a memorable tour then consider Russia and visit its treasure-land. This might be your first foreign or maybe tenth; all you need is to be lively and have a Russian Visa. If you’re ready to see the miracle of nature, then follow the below-mentioned pointers: 

  • Mount Elbrus

 Mount Elbrus is famous for having Europe’s highest peak, which is among the seven peaks of the world. Elbrus has so many reasons to attract tourists – the natural beauty, ski resorts, exotic hotels, Mountain View, the cold weather and green land. People love to climb Mount Elbrus. You will get many tour guides easy and professional mountain climbers to explore the land of beauty. They will help you to follow the easiest slope. Since Mount Elbrus has a very chilling climate, thus tourism is encouraged mostly in the summer seasons.

  • Manpupuner

Visit another miracle of nature – Manpupuner. This place has been tagged as another wonder of Russia. The extraordinary rock formation will blow your mind. This place is no less than a magical land. Manpupuner of Northern Urals, Russia is famous for its rock formation. Mystery and science both are behind this sculpture. Not any man but the wind, climate and natural factors have sculpted the seven idols. These seven distinct rocky towers are believed to be rogues turned to stone by the localities. Manpupuner is a sacred place and holds the record of a very rich past. Anyone would love to visit such a site and please their soul. In summer, tourists use a helicopter to reach this place and in winter snow-mobiles are used to reach the destination.

  • Mamayev Kurgan and the Motherland Calls

Did you ever hear about Motherland Calls, which is located on Mamayev Kurgan? It’s considered one of the famous tourist sites in Russia. This man-made monument was inaugurated in 1967. For 22 years Mamayev Kurgan and the Motherland Calls is holding the world’s record of being the tallest statue and you will be able to find the name of this Russian wonder in Guinness’s Book of Records. Though the character after the statue is still unknown to most people, it’s believed that Motherland Calls is the model of Nina Dumbadze. If you’re planning to visit this awesome place then just go to Volgograd.

  • St. Basil’s Cathedral

Moscow is the capital of Russia. A holiday tour to Russia is never complete without visiting Moscow. One of Moscow’s most famous tourist sites is – St. Basil’s Cathedral. If you ever get the chance to see the monument, you will never doubt the tag of “Wonder” which it holds. This place is officially termed as Cathedral of the Intercession. This is one of Russia’s prides, which was built up during the reign of Ivan the Terrible. If you’re planning to visit Moscow, don’t miss the chance to visit St. Basil’s Cathedral at least once. This moment plays a great role in the nation’s history. You will not be able to take off your eyes from the colourful St. Basil’s Cathedral, which stand as the pride of the Nation.

Visualise yourself in these exotic places. We don’t get the chance to go for a holiday every month right? But if there is a plan, make sure that the tour becomes memorable. You will be able to cherish the best days of your holiday. Russia can be a good destination for a solo trip too. This place is safe for tourists and you will be able to explore their rich culture and exotic tourist spots.

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