Achieving a Comfortable Pregnancy: 4 Practical Ideas

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When the worries of the first trimester have subsided, it’s something that many mothers can’t get away from. That discomfort that occurs throughout pregnancy can certainly cause problems. Many mothers are told to enjoy the experience, but it can be impossible to do so if they feel aches, pains, and discomfort all over. So what are the best ways to ensure that you can stay comfortable during your pregnancy?

Minimising Back Pain

The most common problem during pregnancy is backache and as your back starts to curve inwards as the uterus grows, this change in posture will cause varying types of backache. It’s important to keep yourself supported with the right pregnancy bra, but you also need to avoid high heels or shoes that don’t provide the right support. You’ve also got to be more aware of your posture. Keeping your back straight may seem difficult, but it’s the best approach to ensure that you are removing back pain for as long as possible.

Belly Pain

By the third trimester, it feels like the baby is running out of room in there. If you are experiencing a lot of belly pain, you need to focus on being more relaxed. This is easier said than done, but if you are tensing up when the baby kicks, it’s only going to make things more uncomfortable. You also need to give your lungs and the baby more room by keeping the back straight instead of slumping forward. An exercise ball is something that will make a big difference if you don’t have one already. Just make sure you keep changing your position every 20-minutes so you don’t get sore. You can also get on all fours to let the belly sag down, which will move the baby further away from the organs they’ve been sitting on.

Resting Where You Can

We all know that we need more rest. The problem is that our minds are racing and we feel that we need to start taking on a bit more responsibility in the run-up to getting everything ready. You need to avoid the temptation to work on or to do more. Rest is something that so many of us think is impossible to achieve. And when the baby is kicking around in there, you’ve got to get into the habit of sitting down, taking a nap, or just listening to your body. When it comes to rest, especially at night, you need to make yourself as comfortable as possible with pregnancy pillows and avoid large meals or liquids within 2 to 3 hours of going to bed.

Try To Exercise

Exercising is something that may seem beyond your capabilities, but the fact is that it can take a lot of stress off your body. Swimming is a perfect form of exercise because it will take the pain away and it’s supporting your belly and joints while also keeping you cool.


As hard as it is to be comfortable, there are a variety of options out there. We have to remember that comfort is as much about mindset as it is about the matter. It can be difficult, but there are plenty of options for you to try.


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