Top Travel Tips for Visiting Greece

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Deciding to visit Greece for a holiday is an excellent idea, but you have to pick the right time of year and follow some of the best practices to get the most out of your Greek holiday. Read the article to give a brief overview of some of the things to think about when planning your holiday. 

Avoid Peak Season 

It might come as no surprise that Greece is a popular holiday destination, especially during th peak months of late July until the end of August. At these times, the weather is scorching, and the place is packed with tourists and local holiday-makers; it is also the Greek summer holidays.

If you want a quieter, more civilised experience of the Greek mainland and the surrounding islands, it’s a sensible idea to visit the country during the winter months. Between January and April, you can enjoy pleasant temperatures; this is the best time to visit the historical sites too.    

Learn the History 

Ancient Greece was foundational. A few thousand years ago, Greece was the centre of Western civilisation, and it develop political, economic, and philosophical systems that are still used today. Think of a Greece holiday as an immersive educational experience and learn the history. 

Learning about Greek history and culture helps you to understand and interpret modern culture in interesting ways. Why not start with some of the enjoyable fiction books that have been written over the years, such as Homer’s Iliad and Margaret Atwood’s more recent Penelopiad?   

Learn the Language 

Learning some of the Greek languages allows you to enjoy your travel experience at a deeper level; it makes your experience more immersive and impresses the locals and restaurant owners who don’t expect foreign people to speak any Greek. It gives you a richer experience. 

Greek is a Mediterranean language and one of the root languages along with Latin; Greek is also a Cyrillic language meaning that it has a different alphabet from English. The best way to learn some Greek for your holiday is to download an app like Duolingo or Babbel on a phone.   

Hop the Islands 

Greece is not a single mainland country; instead, it is a sprawling archipelago with several islands to explore and discover. This is one of the things that makes Greece so intriguing and magical when they show up in the fiction and poetry of ancient times. Visit them by hopping.

Island hopping is an excellent way to visit Greece and gives you the best overview of the country; it also keeps you from getting bored in the same place for long stretches. Enjoy hiking up Mount Olympus and visiting the cosmopolitan cafes of Corfu after a trip to the exotic beach.  

Soak Up the Sun 

Speaking of beaches, don’t forget to make the most of the sun when you visit top holiday destinations in Greece; the islands receive excellent sunlight during the year and have some of the best beaches in the world. Remember, the sun can be hot in the summer, so choose wisely. 


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