How to Find Your Ideal Family Car

Whether your brood is increasing in size, your needs have changed or you’re simply due an upgrade, it can be overwhelming finding the perfect car for your family. There’s so much to consider! If you aren’t sure where to start, here are five tips to help you choose the right vehicle for your family’s needs.


If your family is expanding or growing, your current car might no longer be suitable. A single parent with one teen will have different needs to a family of seven, so your choices may be limited by size. It can be worth thinking ahead, too – if you are planning to grow your family soon, choose a car that will be big enough for you in the medium term, not just the present.


The initial outlay of your car might be the first thing you consider when car shopping but it’s important to remember the other costs that come with being a car owner. You will need to ensure you are able to pay the annual road tax, car insurance and cover maintenance costs. It is well worth checking out car insurance quotes Northern Ireland before you commit to purchasing a car and there are websites that allow you to explore potential costs before you buy. With insurance likely to be your biggest ongoing car-related cost other than fuel, don’t sign anything until you’ve checked car insurance quotes Northern Ireland. Speaking of fuel – check the fuel economy for the make and model you’re interested in. A large car could be a guzzler and more expensive than what you are used to – don’t get caught out!


When buying a family car, there’s no argument that a five-door is more suitable than a three-door. It’s much more convenient when strapping younger children into car seats and it makes it easier for taller older children and teenagers to access the back seats. Take time to check the size of the boot, too. This is particularly important if you have a baby or toddler who uses a pram – many parents have fallen foul of buying a car that doesn’t have enough boot space. 


Modern cars generally have a variety of safety features as standard but for peace of mind it is always worth asking the dealer for a complete rundown. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the safety features on offer, including checking whether airbags can be disabled if necessary (such as when you have a rear-facing child seat installed). Keeping your family safe will be your top priority, so make sure you have all the information you need. 

Only you know exactly what you are looking for so the most important tip for looking for your family car is to know your dealbreakers. If you prefer to drive an automatic, discount manual gearboxes. If you don’t have a driveway, it will take organisation to keep an electric car charged. Knowing what you want from a vehicle is the key to finding it, so spend time researching before approaching the forecourts. 

Happy car-hunting! 

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