How To Utilise Apps For A Blogging Career

For anyone who is a blogger, the use of apps to help with the growth of your blog and career can be helpful. Utilising apps can be helpful to give your one-person band the helping hand needed to be successful in this industry.


Blogging continues to be a successful venture to undertake for anyone with a talent and passion for writing. If that sounds like you, here are some tips for using apps for a budding blogging career.


Budget and control finances with Quickbooks

To help with finances, budgeting and controlling these finances with Quickbooks is often the best course of action for bloggers. It’s an easy app to use and can be great for funneling through any invoices you receive from clients you work with on your blog content.

It’s especially effective in the early days where budgeting is something you’ll need to do in order to get closer to going full-time with it. 

Make use of simple applications like MS Office

Simple applications like MS Office are a great set of applications to help with the general admin that comes with blogging. MS Office can be helpful with improving productivity levels, which can often be lacking as a blogger on some days. For those who need an MS Office cheat sheet, there are plenty of training courses online that are worth taking full advantage of.

Manage a blog effectively with WordPress

Managing a blog effectively takes a lot of trial and error but WordPress is a commonly used platform for bloggers nowadays. It’s a central hub for all of the necessary writing and editing that needs to be done to content.


It takes some getting used to but it’s definitely worth trying out if you’re currently on another website-hosting platform that’s not so blogger-friendly.

Use a time app for reducing procrastination like Sensa

Time apps for helping reduce procrastination are a godsend for anyone that has a habit of letting their mind wander. It’s something that often happens with writers, especially as their creative minds find themselves gazing into space in order to find that right word or phrase.

A time app can help with reducing procrastination and something like Sensa is worthwhile. Most apps are free to use with some charging a small fee that’s the same amount as a cup of coffee from Starbucks, per month.

Explore Linkedin for client opportunities 

To help grow your blog and your career as a blogger, it’s worth exploring LinkedIn and what’s available online for collaborative opportunities. In order to begin monetising your platform, you’ll want to connect with agencies and marketing companies to see what blogger outreach opportunities are available.


Apps are a great way to help leverage your blogging career to the next level. If you’re looking to build your business as a blogger this year, these tips should certainly help get you there. Make use of what apps can bring to help streamline and reduce your workload so you can concentrate on creating top-quality content.


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