Tips and Tricks for Parents of Teething Babies

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As a parent, you know that teething can be uncomfortable for your baby. With the arrival of their first tooth can come a lot of pain and discomfort. Generally, most babies will start teething around 6 months; however, this can be earlier or later and will vary in pain from baby to baby. However, many parents will agree that the teething stage can be tricky to navigate as you want to take the pain away for your baby as much as possible. 

This post looks at ways you can do this.


Teething Toys

Soft, washable objects, like teething rings and toys, can be a great way to soothe teething pain. These items are safe, easy to clean, and typically inexpensive. A washable teething toy can be frozen for an added cooling effect or washed and reused to avoid the risk of bacteria buildup. You can buy teething rings in many different styles and designs for your baby or you to hold as they chew on it to relieve the pain of a tooth breaking through. Remember to clean and disinfect each toy after use and keep it sterile until the next time you need it.

Rubbing Gums

Another option, like teething toys, is simply rubbing gums. Use a clean finger or soft toothbrush, rub the gums in a circular motion for a few minutes at a time, and let your baby chew down as you do so. The pressure of the rubbing motion can soothe sore gums in babies. When doing this, you may want to use teething gels to help ease pain and provide extra relief from the rubbing motion too.

Distraction Through Play

Anything that takes their attention off the pain will help them forget how painful the teething process is, even if it’s momentarily. Try using cuddles and kisses in fun games to cheer them up, playing with toys, and listening to music to turn the tears into smiles.

Use Ice

To use ice, wrap the ice cube or something frozen in a safe, clean cover and apply it to the baby’s gums. The cooling effect can be soothing, and while slightly messy, it can be a relief for your baby to reduce the heat they may be experiencing from painful gums.

Paracetamol or Ibuprofen

Pain relievers for children can effectively take away some of the pain associated with teething. Using sugar-free baby paracetamol and ibuprofen products regularly will give your baby some added relief alongside the other options mentioned above. If you are unsure about using pain relief for teething babies, always check with your doctor or health visitor for advice.


Teething isn’t a fun experience for parents or babies and is often a stressful time in the early stages of parenting. Every baby experiences it, and knowing how best to help your little one during this time can make the process easier for everyone involved. If you have any concerns at all, talk to your doctor, but typically, using the above remedies will help erase your child’s pain and make the whole process as comfortable as possible for them.

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