Becoming A Greener Family In 3 Easy To Implement Steps

Across the UK, families are looking for ways to be greener. As the conversation of sustainability continues to dominate dinner table discussions and news headlines, the government have implemented a Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy. This is designed to teach students in secondary schools about natural history, climate change and sustainability.

Whilst children will be learning these at school, continuing to teach them the importance of sustainability at home can be beneficial. It provides them with valuable knowledge they can use and make greener choices as they grow up.

To help your family be greener, here are a few easy-to-implement steps that could help to make a positive difference in your household.

Investing In Energy-Efficient Appliances 

One of the most popular ways to be greener is by switching to energy-efficient appliances and LED light bulbs. These sustainable appliances often come with a slightly higher price tag, which can deter people from investing. However, like with many sustainable appliances, it allows a household to save money in the long term. It reduces how much energy you use, which helps to lower your monthly bills.

Making these changes will help to make your house greener and more sustainable. Understandably, your children will not change the light bulbs and purchase these appliances. However, teaching them the reasons for making these changes can allow them to be involved.

Change To An Electric Family Car

For many families, having a car helps to make life a little easier. It is a great convenience, allowing families to get between destinations without relying on public transport or carrying all their belongings. Whilst it might be convenient, driving a petrol or diesel car isn’t the friendliest mode of transport for the environment. However, driving an electric car is a more sustainable option.

Electric cars might initially come with a higher price point, but over time, they can help a car owner save money. This is because there are many free charging points across the UK available to use. If you want to learn more about electric cars and their advantages, visit sites like LV ElectriX, which will provide you with all the information you need about electric cars. It could even sway your decision, encouraging you to make the switch and enjoy the benefits of going electric.

Build A Vegetable Patch

If you have space in your garden, why not consider adding a vegetable patch? Building a vegetable patch allows you to grow your own produce. This helps to reduce plastic waste that supermarket vegetables are often pre-packaged in. You and your children can search the garden for the ideal plot and decide what vegetables you plan to grow.

Aside from reducing plastic waste, you also benefit from having freshly grown produce and spending more time bonding with your children. It provides you all with the skill of caring for and growing produce. The more confident you become, you might choose to expand your patch and the vegetables you grow.  

Finding ways to become a greener family can be a fun family project to undertake. You and your children can work together to research how to live more sustainably. This can be a great bonding exercise, but also one that teaches your children about ways to protect the environment.


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