Do These Things For Increased Workplace Productivity

You are in business to get things done. You have deadlines, clients to satisfy, and a good reputation to keep. All these things can be accomplished by increasing your team’s workplace productivity. By doing so, everyone can work smarter, not harder, as they say.

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Use Efficient Products

If your current tools of communication and collaboration are no longer helping your team do their job with ease and efficiency, it is time to make a change to something better. With a professionally-assisted and driven Microsoft 365 migration and free agenda slide templates, you will move into an essential suite of virtual productivity.

All-encompassing productivity software such as Microsoft 365 is a workhorse in today’s environment where employees are returning to the office, working from the comfort of their respective homes, travelling for work, or are in a hybrid situation. Communication is key for employees to work together regardless of their location. The ability to share and edit documents with one another is the ultimate in remote collaborative efforts.

Here are some benefits you will reap from a data migration to more efficient programs.

  • Cloud-based services
  • Online storage
  • Access to data and documents from any location 
  • Always up-to-date software and security 
  • Flexibility in access

The following are some of the essential programs available on the Microsoft suite.

  • Outlook
  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Access 
  • Publisher
  • OneDrive
  • OneNote
  • Teams
  • Skype for Business


Even with all of the advantages available with this bundle of software programs, you may be overwhelmed. You are not alone in the process. The experts who guide you through and implement the migration will be there with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth transfer of data and answer all your questions.

Rethink the Work Week

If your particular industry allows it, you should consider changing how your company operates in terms of a traditional work week. Of course, some workplaces, such as healthcare facilities and food markets or restaurants are not able to align themselves to a shorter workweek model altogether, but there can still be some positive schedule changes in other industries.

Reducing the core working hours can benefit everyone involved. Consider Parkinson’s Law. It states that any work you have before you will take until the deadline to complete. To simplify this, if you have three hours to write a report, that is how long it will take you to complete. If you have one hour to write a report, it will take one hour to get it done. There are always mitigating circumstances like competing priorities and necessary research, but you get the point.

By winnowing down work hours or creating a four-day work week, your team knows in advance the confines they are working with in terms of hours. They will understand what needs to get done and then do it. There will be fewer idle hands to fill in time and more expeditious productivity.

Watch this video for an explainer of Parkinson’s Law and why time blocking is an effective tool.

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When you decide to maximize your time and efforts in the workplace, you are making a conscious decision to create a better working environment for your team. Having the support and tools ready to perform their roles by utilizing technology and efficiency strategies, everyone wins.

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