Why Skincare Means More Than Just Using Lotion

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It’s always a good idea to have a skincare routine in place. However, unlike the advertisements for new products might suggest, you won’t need the latest and greatest multi-combination set of lotions to get this right, unless instructed to by a dermatologist. In fact, keeping good care of your skin is not just about applying moisturisers every night, even though that’s a good idea.

Often, the exposure your skin has to its environment and how you care for yourself can be much more worthwhile than whatever recuperative measure you implement at the end of a long day – even if that can help, too.

In other words, skincare means more than just using moisturiser and lotion, even if that can help. If you hope to keep you skin healthy, vibrant, and glowing, then it’s also good to consider some of the following practices in line with that:

Consider Your Diet & Sleep

It’s important to eat well and to sleep properly in order to take care of your skin. Anyone knows that regular drinking, eating fatty foods, or growing in weight can be harsh on your skin, not only causing it to blemish and cause spots but also stretching it and causing you to look older than you are. Does that mean you have to have a perfect diet and never indulge? Of course not. But it can be healthy to discipline yourself as and when you can, making sure that you absorb the definition of “beauty sleep” every night, and never assuming lotion can undo bad lifestyle habits.

Your Lips Count, Too

Caring for your lips is important, especially when the seasons change and the cold can cause them to feel chapped. This is where CBD lip balm can be so useful, as a remedy that’s non-offensive to skin and can keep them healthy is important. It will also help you reduce the likelihood of sore or bleeding lips which can sometimes happen in harsh weather conditions. Your skin is quite sensitive around the mouth area, which is why it’s also important to try and reduce bad habits like chewing your lips where you shouldn’t be.

Good Observation Counts

Few people tell you this – but good skincare often means simply taking a good look at your skin over the weeks and months and making sure it’s okay. A rash, a skin tag, a boil, or swelling may indicate a problem, but not always. Here you can better identify if you need to take further action, or if you should get more cream (such as skin cream if your eczema is returning). If you find yourself scratching a certain area lately, ask why that might be and consider the cause. Consider how changes in your diet shows up in your skin health, and if a certain makeup brand causes rashes, then stop using it. Observe the health of your skin and you’ll gain more information than you had ever wanted, and you’ll also be able to notice issues more easily. You’d be surprised what a well-trained eye can do.


With this advice, you’ll see that lotion isn’t everything, as additional efforts help you keep your largest organ in good health too.

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