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It’s that time of year again when our MOT and insurance renewal rolls around for another year and gets me thinking about how I can ensure our car is safe for our family for another year. I’ve done all the regular checks, like tyre pressure, oil levels and checked all the lights are working, so as we go into the winter months I know we are the safest we can be. But, there is one thing that always worried me, it’s having our car stolen. Fingers crossed, it’s not happened yet, but there is always that possibility. So, today I wanted to show you the new GPS Car Tracker by PAJ that I’ve been using to keep and eye on our car (it’s also MEGA helpful if you like to lose your car in big car parks like I do too 🤣)

The Vehicle finder 4G is simple to install into the car, and is powered by the cars battery, which is really handy as you don’t need to worry about keeping it charged up. You can use it on any vehicle size – from small cars to vans, trucks and motorhomes, for absolute peace of mind that you always know where your vehicle is. The PAJ GPS Car tracker has excellent coverage, with covering over 100 countries with 4G technology.

You can keep a log of where the car has been over the last 365 days and also geo-fence areas so if the vehicle goes into the ringed-off area an alert will notify you – very clever!

The car tracker has various alerts, which will notify you if power is low to the tracker or if it’s been disconnected too.

The SIM card is already installed within the tracker, but you do need to download the app and pay for the subscription to use it. Depending how you want to pay for the subscription (monthly/annually etc) it is from as little as $4.17 a month, which I think is really reasonable.

Overall, this product has given us so much peace of mind as to where our car is – plus on my next insurance renewal I will add it in the hope it lowers my premium too! Win Win!

You can find out more info and purchase the PAJ GPS Car Tracker here for $39.99.


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