Getting ready for your first child

It’s almost time to meet your newborn baby – the wait is finally over! So, you’re probably wondering how best to prepare for your little one’s arrival, especially if it’s your first time. 

Use these last few weeks of pregnancy to get your home in order, stock up on the necessities and prepare for the all-important birthing process. Your little bundle of joy will be here in no time. 

Financial planning

It’s no secret that welcoming your first child into your life will require a little bit of financial planning. Perhaps you need to upgrade your car or move into a new home that has a bit more space. 

Regardless of what expenses you’ll be faced with during the upcoming weeks, having a good credit score will ensure you can feel more comfortable navigating these finances ahead of your newborn baby’s arrival. 

Sign up for a prenatal class

Doing your research online and finding prenatal classes in your local area can help calm your nerves and help you feel more prepared once your baby is born. 

Taking classes can support you in both the physical and emotional aspects of labour. You’ll learn breathing techniques, how to cope with contractions, pain relief strategies and so much more. Prenatal classes will give you a clearer understanding of what to expect throughout the birth. 

Create a birth plan

While sometimes things don’t quite stay to plan, it’s good to have an idea of how you’d like your birth to go. For example, you might want a specific type of pain relief, or you want to stress the importance of wanting skin-to-skin contact straight after birth. 

By creating a birth plan, your midwife will know exactly what your birthing preferences are. However, you must be flexible as circumstances can change, but having a written guide can help put you at ease.

Baby gear

Preparing for your newborn’s arrival means you’ll likely have a long list of baby essentials! Ensure you have enough nappies, baby clothes and feeding supplies to get you started. 

Don’t forget the important items such as a car seat, cot, and pram so that your baby can remain comfortable at all times. 

Getting to the hospital

Be sure to plan the quickest route to your chosen hospital so you can get there easily and efficiently. You should also have your hospital bag packed and ready to go at any moment.

This bag should include several must-have items, including any hospital paperwork, your birth plan, comfortable clothing, and some relaxing entertainment to keep yourself occupied while you wait for your little one to arrive.

Stock up on essentials 

Having a baby can certainly make you forget about household essentials you may need when you return home. That’s why it’s good to stock up on the necessities to avoid any last-minute trips to the supermarket. 

Ensure you have enough toilet rolls, cleaning supplies, and pet food if you have a four-legged friend in the house. And, it’s worth making and freezing meals so you don’t have to worry about cooking during those first few weeks of parenthood. 


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