Housewarming presents to buy this spring

As we emerge from our cosy winter holes to greet the spring world, some of us are finding out that people we care about are moving house. Buying housewarming presents might not be the first thing we think of, but as the moving date gets closer, it might cease to be an avoidable topic for consideration. If you’re wondering what on earth you’re going to buy, you’re in luck – we’ve put together some pretty universally suitable ideas to get you started.


Houseplants were ‘in’ last year, but we think they might be even more appropriate as housewarming presents this spring. 

They’re a great way of giving something a piece of nature to warm their new home, turning it into a space that really feels lived in. Not only do they look great, but they also help to clean the air and create a more relaxing environment!

A decorative wreath

Another great housewarming gift idea is to get them a decorative wreath. Whether they choose to hang it on their door to let the neighbourhood know that they’re new or place it somewhere in their living room, wreaths are a versatile gift that perfectly matches the mood of spring. You can find wreaths made from seasonal flowers in local florists, or you can look online for an even wider selection of potential options.

Hot sauces & gourmet condiments

People who have just moved house often find that they lack a lot of herbs and spices. If you know that your friend or family member loves to cook, but that they’re currently running low on condiments, then why not get them a range of fancy hot sauces or spices?

If you feel like it and you think you know their aesthetic well enough, you could also buy them a spice rack while you’re at it so they can start properly organising their kitchen. For some people, little practical gifts like this can sometimes be even more appreciated than more aesthetic gifts.

Drink subscription

If you’re still at a bit of a loss, but you know that they like drinking something like wine, coffee, or beer, then why not get them a drinks subscription? It’s quite literally the gift that keeps on giving – you can pick a frequency, and they’ll keep on getting drinks as long as you’ve paid for them. 

It might be nice for them to have a few extra refreshments and beverages on hand over the coming months, especially if they’re the kind of people to have lots of friends over. 

Ultimately, you know your friends best, and you’ll know what would be most appropriate as a housewarming gift for them. If they’re especially difficult to buy gifts for, try not to stress too much – with housewarming gifts in particular, it’s the thought that counts. 

Some people like decorative gifts like candles and wreaths, while others prefer more practical things like a new salt grinder or a kitchen scale. Besides, if you get it wrong, it really isn’t the end of the world.

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