Guide to Choosing the Best Off-Road Caravan

The access road to some of the most scenic caravaning destinations you’ll ever find is often rough and unsealed. To explore these pristine destinations, you’ll need a powerful off-road caravan built to navigate such difficult terrains conveniently. The best off-road caravans come with robust chassis, independent suspension systems, and durable all-terrain tyres, among other features. This article is a comprehensive guide to choosing the best off-road caravans for difficult terrains. 

Chassis and Suspension

One of the key distinctions between a regular caravan and an off-road caravan is the chassis and suspension system. In buying a caravan for off-road adventures, look for a unit with a robust chassis explicitly built for off-road conditions. The best chassis materials for this type of vehicle are powder-coated or galvanised steel, as they are corrosion-resistant.  

The suspension system should be well-built and durable as well. The best type of suspension for heavy off-road duties is a trailing arm suspension system with coil springs. However, leaf springs are great if you simply need the caravan for light off-road work. 


Before buying an off-road caravan, verify the build quality of the vehicle. Off-roading caravans have to go through difficult terrains and harsh conditions that will cause significant damage if the car is poorly built. Ensure the caravan you buy is made with durable materials and all the parts are neatly coupled. The caravan should have an aluminium frame with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. You should also check the steel gauge and ensure it is a heavy-duty gauge.

Tyres and Ground Clearance

Vehicles that have to go off-road need good ground clearance and great grip. This is necessary for driving over obstacles and navigating rugged landscapes without damaging the caravan’s undercarriage or slipping off the road. Ensure that the caravan’s tyres are fit for off-road use before you make a buying decision. 


Apart from the rough terrain, camping in the outbacks also means exposure to harsh weather conditions, from scorchy heat to chilly cold nights. Your caravan should provide proper insulation to keep you comfortable regardless of the external conditions. 

Layout and Amenities

Beyond its exterior strength and ruggedness, your off-roading vehicle should also be as comfortable as possible. It should be spacious, and the interior layout should meet your needs and preferences. 

Ensure the caravan also has basic amenities like storage spaces, a kitchen, a bathroom and so on. Important add-ons that can boost your off-roading experience include large water tanks, a good water filtration system and slow power capabilities. You should prioritise these features if you intend to spend extended periods in remote locations. 

Source: Cub Campers

Storage Space 

Camping away from civilisation means you’ll have to figure out how to sustain yourself. It helps if your caravan has ample storage space. This way, you can carry plenty of food and other resources needed for your adventures. You’ll also need to carry off-road recovery tools such as winches, shovels, and sand mats, and you’ll need to have enough space for these as well. 


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